Monday, January 4, 2010

India's top to match her lounge pants.

     Well, it might have taken a Year to get all of my supplies together to make a top to match the lounge pants that I am making  my friend's daughter . I had posted the green lounge pants much earlier -they were covered in will animals and India loves Owls. I found this piece of knit fabric -it was slick on the inside and soft on the outside. Then I went hunting an owl design and I found this one and fell in love. This was actually a man's shirt pattern ,but it worked perfectly -so my young friend can "fly into".

My young friend is attending a local college and she and her girlfriend are sharing an apartment together . It scares me because the college has had so many deaths in the last few years. I believe it was thirty - something the first time, then last year a boy cut a girls head off right in front of everybody. And this year a young couple were both shot to death and they have not found who the killer is. It is very sad.
     One of the things about the owl asking -who are you - reminded me that when we are young -sometimes we really do not know who we are? ~smile~ Everytime I almost think I have me figured out - something else comes along??? ~ smile~
     I hope every body is enjoying our 4 th day of a brand new year!

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  1. Boy I understand that comment about finding yourself. Don't we just surprise ourselves sometimes? I would be concerned about them too. That sounds so scary. It is sad world sometimes, isn't it?