Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Angels watch

     It is my personal experience that when ever an idea plugs into my brain that I start to simmer. The main theme floats in -then I think of whom I would like to make it for and how can I pull off my goal of  zeroing in on the quality about them that  I dream to project to them.Kind of like shinning a mirror image of them with the wonderful part of them that I appreciate. It is a little like having one of those metal detectors that tells what is hidden from view  and it substantiates that it is of value. Maybe I am beating around the bush here - so to condense the theory - Just Want to Remind them how special they are. ~smile
    A lot like you guys when you allow me to "VISIT" with each of you . IT is my great honor to be allowed to share in your creative endeavors. Yes, one person can make a difference , but when I see all the talent from all over the world it amazes me that combined you talented artists are a real force to be recoded with.With each stitch you are creating beauty in our world.

     I will always be amazed with the process of taking a flat piece of fabric and by adding thread and dreams -projects are born.

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