Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Worm #2

Well, I learned new lessons this afternoon. I really wish I knew what is the reason my knowledge will not stay with me. I wish I knew IF it was the fibromyalgia fog or if it was something to do with my eyes, or maybe a little bit of both? It makes it awful hard to do a project right.

I even deleted the pictures from my camera -before I checked to make sure that they were where I wanted them to be- so I lost them. I have noticed that by taking the pictures it gives me something to look back and study on.
Plus, I had a friend yesterday told me to "Conscientiously be present in the moment for the rest of the week. "
That is really kind of hard for me because I have always been a multi-tasker and my brain is always in fast forward. I have Forced myself today a couple of times to just STOP and be in the monent. It is really hard. My body might be in one place , but when your "want to " is running helter-skelter" . It was like a disagreement between forces . Then after I gave it a good lecture - you could actually feel a big sigh of relief.

I tried to remember what Dena had told me about a sturdy stablizer  and I actually learned a new feature of my machine . It can check the spot you are in and see if the size of the design will fit in that area. I really liked that.

The thing that took all day was that I lost my design. I spent all day looking and it was literally under my nose - but I just kept looking right over it. I am still having problems with my design wanting to cause the fabric to pucker and I learned that I will need to pay better attention to the size of both the design and the fabric. I really do have a hard time - being in the moment .Who would ever think that little book markers could end up being Big lessons.

We are looking for snow and my DH has to go to the hospital in the AM for a bone scan - so I hope we do not get the snow. I don't mind to send it to any of you out there. I know Chris , from Diet Coke Rocks lives where it is warm and also Sue  - if we could just plug the storm into their air conditioners -it would help on their air condition bills and make me a lot more happy at the same time! ~smile

My friend, Linda from So Many Projects so Little Time  - told me today that we really did need  the snow - you know to fill up the rivers and lakes and provide moisture for the coming plants ,ect. I told her she was just tooooooo practical! lol

May all of you , my friends , stay safe !
You know, I am a better person because my life has been enriched by all of you. Thank you!


  1. I love your idea of sending snow to us in the air conditioner. Wouldn't that be great. LOL

  2. I can remember when I first started to learn about machine embroidery and all the mistakes I made. It was so frustrating but I did eventually begin to put the pieces together and actually managed to completed a couple of good gifts. Just remember to breathe and count to 10 before you scream too loudly. lol

  3. And we are a better person for knowing you. I am thankful for you, my friend.