Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book Marker Adventure

     This is what started my adventure and I am going to blame it all on a E-sister that I met a couple of years past . She sent me this really pretty book marker and I was amazed??? Why had I never thought how nice they could be for people who read. The design she used was one of the "all in the hoop" projects . So she fired up my enthusiasm and my curiosity. I could not find any in the hoop designs that I really loved - that got me to pondering - how did people Used to make them ????

     Seems like a large majority of my project start here - pondering a blank piece of fabric and letting my poor brain run wild?

This would probably be my next quest - searching for the perfect embroidery design , and now with this newer Brother embroidery machine I can find the design online and drag it right into the sewing machine and off we go.

Since I do not have any knowledge about book markers , time to test out how would be the best way to frame them . I am testing out a satin stitch on the sewing machine.

My next test is using my serger to frame a design. This would be nice because I can cut two designs from my one hooping .

Since I have already got one kitty marker , I decided to tackle the second half of that hooping. I took a very lightweight stabilizer and hooped it and then pinned the second half onto the stabilizer . This time I picked a design from the machine .

I started out with the white kitty and got it a little too close to the edge , so I decided to off-set the other two kitties  and it makes them look like they were meant to be that way.

I did decide that I really liked the serged edge just fine. I was disappointed that the one with the 3 kitties is a little crooked . Some people say that is what gives handcrafted project "character". At least it gets me to pay attention and try to do better the next time.

     I am happy that I finally got a little project completed and have something to show for it. I know Christmas sounds like it is really a long time in the future - but it really is only ?????? stitches until then. So every day counts to me. Plus, it helps me to count my blessings. As long as I have people I love that I want to make feel special  - that kind of accomplishment makes me feel content .



  1. What fun! Hmmm.. I LOVE FISH... THAT IS NOT A, not at all!!!! lol