Sunday, January 10, 2010

The hurrier I go - The behinder I get!

It seems that the harder I try , the more life trips me up?  Like yesterday I spent the day helping DH and then today our kids and grandkids came and helped DH cut firewood and bring it to the house. They are such a blessing. It is so hard for me to believe that time has flown by and they were just little squirts yesterday.

SO when they had left and I put the dishes away I flew to the sewing room -BEFORE - life could grab me again. I picked the design and got it all hooped and started up . It had not run through many stitches when all of a sudden - it broke a needle! I sat back and held my breath for a minute -debating whether this called for a "pity party "  OR a "stand on my head fit"????? I decided that both would be a waste of time and energy, so I changed the needle out and started once again.

My little "dude" finally got stitches out  and now I need to trim it down and put the backing on.

Here we are all trimmed out , so now I need to make my satin stitch all around .

Aw - Haw! I actually finished him and think he is so funny! I kept trying to come up with a funny caption I could put with him - but nothing seemed to suit me. I think I am just "bummed" because today I found out that  FOUR of those lounge pants I had make the kids for Christmas had all busted out! I don't understand ? I had purchased all of that flanne from Jo-Ann's Fabrics??????? Is that just the properties of flannel? This was one of the first years I had played with flannel - so if it is going to act like that -then I need to find a more durable fabric . I liked the flannel because it was so nice and soft and warm - but if I am wasting my time putting all the effort into making something - I really want it to last longer than ONE wear??????
We are approaching a new week , and I wish one and all lots of happy stitches!

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