Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Friends " embroidery -new size laptop?

     When I settle in my sewing room - I have one of my very qualified "Inspectors" here to keep watch over me this time. Her name is - Cocoa - wonder why? ~smile~I happen to love cocoa - Anyway - I can get it. But she is not very pleased to have her picture taken! She is a little camera shy - so this is an honor to capture her.

     OK - finally I figure out a design . For some reason I really was struggling with which design I could use. I still am not 100% satisfied , but I can't keep dragging my feet and never make a decision. I like it much better when a design jumps up and screams at me!! I am the ONE!!!!!!!!!!

     While the design is working I move ahead and cut out my lining and stitch it together. Yes, I did forget to leave an opening at the bottom to be able to "turn" the project ! So I had to go back and RIP(my least favorite word )those stitches out.

     OOOPPPS - I almost sat on Miss Rosie who is sleeping under some rugs I have washed. She loves to hide under anything that she can make her body slide under. ~smile

     Here is the front view - it is starting to resemble a project.

     Here is a close up of the design! Every one knows I am a "little cracked" so I thought it was nice to be thought of as  Good Egg. LOL

     This is how the back turned out . I still like the "envelope " closure. After one that I tackled last year and I put glue on Velcro and that stuff just popped off - I was so mad at that ! 
     At least I actually accomplished something besides dishes and laundry - I did them too. LOL
Now this is a perfect day !When I pull one of these off - it always feels so wonderful that I wish EVERYBODY could be graced with one too!
     I still have Lots to learn about laptops.

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  1. I love the 'envelope' closure too.
    I will give you my laptop dimensions.... just as soon as I can get off me sorry bum and find a tape measure! lol
    I is tired... mentally, from all the NOISE these drat kids are making!
    I am Hanging out for their bedtime already, and it's only 5pm! *sigh*