Thursday, January 21, 2010

     Yep! This is where it all starts? Pondering what the next project will be that will present itself on my cutting table.

OK, at least I have decided that I want to work on a laptop sleeve and I want to use this piece of kinda heavy vinyle that I had covered my outdoor swing with and had a little piece left-over. I like to use this for the laptop because it will keep water out and it has a backing that will help to protect its precious cargo.

Next I get it all "hooped up" and decide on a design . I am making progress.

Now I have decided on my fabric for my lining. I like this piece because it is nice and slick and yet it is quiet durable.

     I liked my design - it is a butterfly and butterflies -to me- are a symbol of transformations. I added the wording  " Begin Somewhere" 
     Sometimes that is the best advice I can take !

    This is how the back looks , I am rather pleased with the envelope closure that I thought of

     This is how my liner looks . It is so nice and slick to allow you to slide things in and out.
But now that it is completely finished - it turned out to be the wrong size. I had used a formula that I got online and as usual I ended up with a boo-boo. The length is correct, but the height is half an inch too little. POOH! I guess I am back to the drawing board. I have discovered that laptops are "tricky" little numbers and they change according to the thickness of the machine which throws off  every other measurement. !Grrr! O Well another day - a new lesson tackled. I think I will blame it all on my fibromyalgia fog! Maybe tomorrow will be a little different. Wonder why I love sewing so much and yet I am not very talented . But, I do love it - whether it is trying to dream up a project or being allowed to enjoy all the beauties of all the fabrics - what an honor.

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  1. You are such a clever wee tart! I must send my the dimensions of my lap top so you can make ME an awesome case like that! What do ya reckon! I love fish.... and boats.... and blue... LOL!