Friday, January 22, 2010

Angels Watch Over Me Book marker

     It always amazes me at how fast time can zip by. All you have to do is find a few moments to consider your next project and the next thing you know it is days end - only your research has not ended and there just is not enough time in a day.
     I have searched through designs all day searching for the "perfect" design . I found some cute ones but just NOT the perfect design.
     Maybe it has something to do with our Rainy - cold weather ?
     The only thing I did manage to do is end up with another "crick in my neck" that really hurts and a headache to go with it. But , I am so grateful to have had a day to spend "dreaming" . Maybe tomorrow will be different????

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  1. I would have come over and helped you coax your knits into submission, if I had only known! I read through your March entries and was very happy to meet the rest of your family! You've talked about all of them and I never really knew what they looked like. Little Pee-Wee is so very special, I can tell. Hope reading this puts a little smile on your face. Reading your blog put one on mine.