Sunday, January 3, 2010

Checking my stash

     I am still on my book marker adventure and thought the best way to get a handle on it -is to check my stash and see where it will lead me too. I really hate to throw any scrapes away partly because of the old saying - waste not - want no  and also as soon as I do toss something - I always find a need for it. ~smile~ I just wish I had a bigger stash place.

Virginia Tech is a college in a nearby town . I bought a half a yard last year to make a remote control holder for a friend's recliner  and he really loved it and that thrilled me to death . I had tucked away this left over piece and now I have found it's purpose.

     Last summer my daughter in law -#1 came and we took a day trip. There was a Wal-mart that still had a little fabric and I asked Tracy to pick out a piece of fabric that made her happy -every time she looked at it - and this is what she came up with. She has always loved Disney and I think if you have something that makes you happy - it makes you healthier!

     This will be my sandwich of the front , the stabilizer in the center and the black as a back.

     This is my finished VT book markers. Such a small project and already I am learning lessons? Like , when ever I start to make one of the seams , the fabrics like to wiggle as I try to hold them straight to make the seam???? Then I changed my mind from the first two that was done -ONLY- with the serger. This time I serged  them and then took them to the sewing machine and used my satin stitch.

     Here is the Disney book marker , all finished -and there is a FUNNY story behind it. As I was thinking about this project - I thought this will be cute with the checkbook cover that I had made her for Christmas???? I did not see her open a checkbook cover???????? Then I realized I had forgot to give it to her . THEN I remembered that I had purchased two little Disney watches for her and still had them in my pocket book????????????? O gosh ! Where is my brain at??? Hummm? MAYBE - I should save them and give them to her for a birthday present  ????????  Maybe things happen for a reason ??  yea, the reason is I need a new brain chip! LOL 


  1. Lovely book marks . Yes it is a good idea to keep your little gifts for her birthday.

  2. I am sure you don't need a new brain chip! YOu make lovely things ... so something must be working right! lol