Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Angel -Practice makes perfect!

     For some reason "the fates that be" had mercy on me and I kinda enjoyed this project. I did not like the colors on the design , so I went with colors that I wanted to experiment with. Now she is all embroidered and ready to be trimmed and  satin stitched  all the way around. Maybe I got lucky because this is the second angel and they say practice makes perfect??????

     Here she is -all decked out and ready to keep company with some nice reader. For some reason I had always had those little paper book markers  and the thought had Never entered my little brain that you could actually make them with fabric and customize them for readers. Something to life your spirits when ever you look at it or maybe just something to inspire you at the moment.

     I wish I could figure out how people get inspired for sewing projects? My passion before I got to sew was crocheting and I found inspiration everywhere. Lots of great magazines and then when the computer came into my life -triple inspiration was everywhere and groups where you could share ideas and links to wondrous sites full of ideas. I dearly loved that.

     But now - in sewing land - I find inspirational ideas a little dry . They make a gazillion quilting books and magazines , but when it comes to the type of things that I yearn for - which is items that people can use and enjoy  to be a little hard to pull off. So my hat goes off to all of you wonderful people who do not mind to share and inspire ideas . Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


  1. If you like to make useful things how about doing some teatowels,names on towels or face washers.

  2. I find many of the magazines have nice projects, just nothing that is practical for people I know. However, I browse through stores, especially small gift stores, and find tons of inspriration. Good luck!