Friday, January 8, 2010

     If at first you do not succeed, try-try-try AGAIN! I am determined to get some book markers somehow. I am still working on the same design - the book worm because I think he is so cute and anything I can come up with that puts a smile on our faces - I think is good for our health and happiness.
     I did take the advice of Dena and Mickie about a heavier fabric  and I did use two layers of stabilizer  and I embroidered with the big piece of fabric so that I can cut it down any size I want to. I think I was messing up more by pre-cutting the book markers and laying them on top of the stabilizer??? But I am pleased , I feel like I am making progress.

     Here he is unhooped and with the layer of stabilizer and I will add the backing with a solid green piece of fabric.

     Sometimes I feel like I am "haunted" because of all the weird things that happen along my journey . This is the first time I have ever had my bobbin thread look like a birds nest . I tried to unwind it and was making progress until DH came in and tried to "help"  ~smile~  He is not one for tedious jobs .  Live and Learn.

     This is another view - my camera doesn't want to take a clear picture of my mess - maybe it is like me and does not understand how I get myself in so much trouble. !

     Just lookey!  I finally pulled three of them off and I am happy with them. Another lesson tackled and completed. Yea!  I know two will be for my two daughter-in-laws for Christmas 2010 and one for one granddaughter?? Humm?? I might have to make a couple more because my neighbor down the road is a reader too . At least with my 3 boo-boo's I now have 3 book marks ! LOL


  1. Good for you! These turned out great and I know the recipients will love them.