Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Day - another sewing disaster

Well , shoot!  Not just my sewing adventure - but also my camera is doing the funky chicken.
I had cut out the fabric and placed it one the stabilizer and it had bunched up the fabric and ruined it. I decided not to waste anymore embroidery thread.

This was my second try and both the camera and the second design are acting very rude to me so I considered it a lost cause . Another battle lost..

HUMMMM??? A third try - defeated -but at least my camera is playing nicer! It might not be a total loss yet. I have learned that you might have problems when it comes to centering your design on a book mark fabric?
I have learned that you need to have more stabilizer under the design.
 I have learned that even when you think you are working on a simple design - it can take a mind of its own and go crazy on you.
I have also learned that it can even be difficult to sew a simple satin stitch around the marker as the fabric does the - " hootchic  - kootchie - and making stitches look like a 5 year old ?

I have learned that it was a cute idea - but one that won this part of the war. I am just going to keep this one for me  - shoot - if I didn't make mistakes - I would never give myself any gifts. I will put this in the book I am attempting to read and smile at it everytime I see it because even if it was a problem - I did get to play in my sewing room and that is my favorite space to play in. ~smile~


  1. Don't give up....it's looking good!

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties in stitching out this design. I would suggest a sturdier fabric, one with a tighter weave, as well as a heavier stabilizer. Is this a Embroidery Library design? I know their designs can be quite dense and I find a ball point needle works well. Hope you have more success on your other ones.

  3. Sorry that you had such a problem. I agree with Dena, you may have used the wrong stabilizer.

  4. It's gorgeous! HOw could you think otherwise?