Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new day -a new project and here I am studying my facing my blank sheet - errr - blank piece of fabric?? Wonder what kind of adventure we will have with this one ? This little piece of fabric was given to me by a friend and I wanted to find a good use for it.

     Hey ! I made some progress this time - no major disasters - I am so grateful! It is a dream come true when I am able to pull off a project successfully. It can be amazing to me as to how many steps you must take to make a project.

     How about this ? One finished bookmarker . I think it will probably go to #2 daughter - in- law as she really is a big book reader! Before the age of computers - I used to say that a book could take you anywhere you wanted to go.
     It was quiet mild here today . The temperature got up to 49 and we went for our first walk of the New Year. Our furbabies had a blast. Snowball -the make pekingese was wallowing on the clean white snow . I told DH that he was making "Puppy Angels"! ~ smile~


  1. Linda ~ Nice job on the bookmark. I know you're DIL will enjoy it.

  2. I love the bookmark and enjoy making them too!