Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Day - another book marker

          This is a very pale piece of scrap that I had left over from another project and I did remember to cut out two pieces for my book marker-one for the front and one to cover the back.

     I found this little design online and I knew it would be a great one for my neighbor/schoolmate who lives two houses down from us. She has given her heart to a little black Pomeranian.


     Well, so far I have made it through picking out a design - then having my embroidery machine work with me and now I have trimmed the front, middle two stabilizers and a backing . Now I am going to take it back to the machine to put a satin stick all the way around .

     I actually have a completed project. I still plan on taking the iron to all of the markers . I am so grateful that I have one more project completed.

     We had a beautiful warm day today in the 50's. Our snow has begun to melt underneath and water is running everywhere it seems like. When ever we have a day like today I always smile and think to myself-  "We sure cheated Old Man Winter " out of one of his days! 

     I always tell myself that when Jan. comes I will kick back and recharge myself . My desire is to read a few good books or just look at patterns and come up with new ideas. But, that seems hard to do because  life just seems to get more busy every day. What a privilege it is to have another beautiful creative day.

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