Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday & Tuesday Fence-work?

I am too tired to sew. lol Crystal and I started yesterday on a fence project.  This is the two posts that she bought me that I set today as it is my plan to build me a gate there for easy access to the pasture from the chicken house.

Daddy Turkey supervised my work on that area.

Then yesterday we dug the holes for her posts around her Tiny House . Today we tamped them in the ground and she started drilling holes in the posts where she intends to run some kind of wire through them? I am so curious to see it when she is finished.

But we both worked so very hard. She actually borrowed a post hole digger from a wonderful friend -she got the first few started and ran into big rocks under ground . Then the digger throwed her to the ground. ( chuckle-chuckle- )and she decided to let me help a little . It worked better as a Two Woman digger. lol  But it still whipped up on us as we were digging through rocks. Finally on that back side the earth was not so rocky and we made some good progress - until I turned my back on her and she was running it by herself AGAIN and it grabbed the cord on her hoodie and she had an abrupt face to face event! Her cord broke was the one thing that saved her. We do manage to get ourselves into so much trouble. LOl We were both so sore it was challenging to just move around. lol

She managed to hook to her Daddy's old truck and pull it backwards up the hill to take it out of her Tiny Yard so now I can see her coonhound , Dan. Yukon was fussing at me because of all the changes in his pasture. He does not know soon he will not be standing there -he will have to walk Around her Tiny House instead of trying to open the door and go in. lol She hopes this Summer to get Dan trained to an underground fence and move the kennel down to my yard for my pigeons. Everything takes time and patience and ENERGY. But you enjoy the process and be grateful that you are making good memories with someone you love.

Mocha is not too wild about her new sister and brother but she is coming out more to see what is going on. I wish she did not have heart trouble - like her Mama - it has really cheated her out of so many fun times to romp.

Daisy was suppose to be neutered today but they called me last night and said the vet had to cancel because her father was dieing and she had to leave so they rescheduled her with a whole new vet office for tomorrow. I will be so grateful when it is OVER! I know anything can go wrong and I am scared for her. Plus, I also wonder IF she has already been spayed and they will open her up for nothing?????? But I have paid to have her micro-chipped . You hear so man stories about pets getting lost or stolen - maybe this will help keep her safer. I had to  hand feed her this afternoon?? Then she stold a bean off of Crystal's plate. I told Crystal she is the first BEANHOUND I have ever met. Well, they do all love Crystal.

Indy was feeling bad last night . He would not play and barely ate and slept most of the time. He makes a funny noise when he breathes at times. I worry that those heart-worms are causing him problems? But , he is doing better today. They are both napping because I have had them outdoors all day long with me and Crystal.

If only this stupid  Fibro pain would just go AWAY! Life is too precious to have to fight with pain all the time.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Week- A New Hunter's Cap

Indy was still sick this morning but by lunch time he had eaten a wee bit of chicken and kept it down. Then Crystal and one of our beautiful young friends popped in and Torie did some good loving on Indy and made him feel even better.

You know, Love and Kindness really are the magic keys . Sweet Indy was soaking it all up.

After they left I headed to the Sewing room and pulled off another hunter's cap for Christmas. My pain level was eased a little bit today so I was almost finished by the time I wanted to cry. When you are out of pain it makes things so much more enjoyable..

Indy was feeling well enough to come ask for a treat.

Cocoa was peeking out from under the sewing desk.

And Daisy came to get a treat too. I am so relieved . I wish I knew what made Indy sick??? I don't have the slightest clue???? I do know that after I took them both for the evening walk that both of them came back frantically itching! I looked them head to toe for a flea, but could not find anything at all. We tried to go to bed, but it got worse so I finally got up and gave them both a bath and then we were able to go to sleep. Sweet Sleep!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mom & Daughter Caps

I spent another couple hours cleaning another column of shelves in the cabinet in the kitchen again today???

It rained this morning but cleared off by noon.  I had made some  tea last night and then cheerfully went to check out my new glass container -turned the knob and "NOTHING"???? WHAT??????

I tried it a couple of times and then carefully pulled it out of the fridge and took the lid off and scooped me out a glass full. WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW - I had misgauged the sweetener for that container .  I had not taken off for the frozen concentrate I had added to it and it was so SWEET it almost took my head off.

I munched on my eggs and tators and Crystal popped in and I told her about the tea container and she reached over and turned the knob and it poured right out???? She went to take her shower so I poured half of the tea out in another container and poured water in the first one to dilute it. I placed it back in the fridge and tried it and NOTHING???? FINALLY I figured it out - when you place the lid on it - it airlocks it so you have to leave the lid LOOSE.  Whew!!!! Glad that mystery if taken care of???

 The pups and I went for our daily walk and almost got blowed off the hill when the wind got up.

Then Indy found something in the grass to play with.

He would jump as high as his little legs would propel him and then Pounce on it.

He made it look like so much fun that soon he enticed Daisy to come  check it out? She eventually did not find it so amusing and moved on to other adventures.

Now here it is bedtime and he has thrown up his supper-in three doses and is drinking water?? I am trying to get him to only sip a little water at a time??? I sure am hoping it is nothing serious - just some kind of fluke????You worry about them like you did your kids when they were little. That would be awful to have him get sick after only being here for 4 days???? Gosh -only four days ? He has turned into such a part of my fur-family it does not seem like he was ever not here?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hunter's Cap

This is my second day on my new meds for the pain of the fibro and I am still struggling . Pure misery! And to make matters even worse it is probably the most beautiful day so far. I mean Drop Dead beautiful and I am Fighting with this pain- GRRRR!

I have some fellows on my Christmas list and so I thought I would try a hunters cap??? It is soooo nice and soft and sooo warm I am hoping it will be a winner???? Hope, hope, hope. I just have a hard time with guy gifts-trying to come up with something they can get use out of ???

The pain of sewing almost has me in tears- I HATE pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pups are surely enjoying this perfect weather- every time I run out the door they come too. Indy is settling in and turning into a happy puppy. Right now he is enjoying the beautiful sunshine , but he is also learning how to play.

My precious Cocoa came out to see what the clan was up too as I hung out a load of laundry???

Daisy was enjoying a stick to chew on while I was cleaning out the fridge. I kept peeking out the door to make sure she was in eyesight. Then I moved on to cleaning another column of cabinets in the kitchen. It truly is amazing how much our cabinets hold , when it comes to handling every piece that is in them????

I am very tired as I could not sleep again last night. The pain was just too overwhelming to overcome .

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yep, It HAS to be Spring Fever

Because I am back at it AGAIN.

How totally filthy everything up high is. I know part of it is from that fire but most of it is just I am so scared to climb and put it off . lol But then when you clean there are "Those" memories??? This swan bowl was a piece of blown glass that my DH and I got when were were first married and took one of those beautiful weekend drives as newly weds to a place called Mountain Lake. You might have heard of it as it is the place where Dirty Dancing was filmed and it is on top of a mountain.

As  young mother I always wanted a cookie jar, but never had the spare money to get one. Then my sister-in-law gave me one for Christmas in 2004.  A little late for the kids, but very sweet . Love that , "Tweety-Bird" - I tink I saw a Puddy Tat!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did , I did see a Puddy Tat! lol

I have called my doctor's office and left word about this stupid fibromyalgia pain to see what she can offer. I HATE this stuff.

Hum- maybe I can tackle another cabinet now that the top is clean for another year????~smile~ (Boy, did I have the Stink Bugs (deceased) up there !)

Working With Pain

I went with my neighbor first thing in the morning to help her take her two dogs to the groomer. They both like to sit in her lap and she was afraid to try to drive like that so I kept one precious furbaby company and tried to keep her mind busy because they were known to get car sick. Both of them are so precious .They both are Pomeranians and they are beautiful. One is red and one is solid black. The black one is a toy named Coda and he is the one that she rescued from a back yard that  a German Shepherd was using for a squeaky toy. The regular size one is named Lego and they are both so sweet and she loves them like crazy. 

We visited a brand new store in town while we waited for the pups to get clipped and bathed. It is called Rural King and it is a really nice store that our area needs. It is like a Tractor Suppy , only better. It is loaded with everything you need for outdoors or for your animals of any kind. Then things for the kitchen -of course I saw something I desperately want. I have been reading about plastic leaching out dangerous chemicals in our foods and drinks and have wanted to switch back to glass but glass is hard to find now -unless it costs an arm and a leg. So there was this perfectly beautiful 5 liter glass drink dispenser-not PLASTIC -but GLASS with a metal spigot! And the price was under 7.00!

Patty bought me a nice container of Pink Salt . I have wanted that for years and was tickled to death. When we went to check out there was a display of breads and it turned out they are all HOMEMADE and we got to meet the baker and she and her hubby were Wonderful people and they live just down the road. Can you believe buys something so local and fresh???? Patty bought me a loaf of her cinnamon bread and if you like cinnamon bread it is the best I have ever eaten.

For some reason this fibromyalgia is really giving me a fit. Even trying to stay busy it hurts so darn much -the pain just tries to consume me. But I got wild hair and started cleaning one corner of my kitchen. I guess Spring Cleaning is hitting me a wee bit early and it pays to since I worked for HOURs on just this corner. Getting older it takes me longer to climb up and down the step ladder and carry everything down and clean it and then carry it all back up ????? I went through all of the grains and beans and rice and herbs and found some items that were very old that had got pushed aside and I put them in a container and put them in the rice cooker to cook for the chickens-along with the few Bugs that I saw that had got in them. The chickens will be thanking me for the extra protein so nothing goes to waste.

I am such a combination of silly and weird ?? I have been looking for a piece of cut up quilt for my doggies crate since I have to take Daisy to be neutered Tues. and where that piece was  hiding was beyond me ?????? STUPID! When I worked on that fence around the garden I found it????? I had had it in the garden last Fall for some dumb reason and forgot and left it laying there so now it was a MeSS!!!! Well, for some dumb reason this piece of quilt really calls to me (right now calling me STUPID) It was the one that I had found in a dumpster - already Rotten -but I loved it. So, I had cut it up for the dogs and resewed as much of the rotten as I could to make it usable. Now this -laying out in the weather had not helped it one bit-more rotten fabric???? So I carried it to the house and drug out some bits and pieces of fabric scraps and set about to making this "scrappy" quilt even more "scrappy" by fitting pieces over the rotten parts and sewing them over????? Poor little quilt??? But the idea looks like it is working -so into the washer it goes ????? It still has some decent batting in it and that makes it soft and I did love the colors -but now with all this MIX of stuff added I can see its life struggles - maybe it reminds me of me?????

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poured it on all day long

I went out and did my chores and tried to figure out how my little banty hen placed her egg in the feed container???
I also cleaned out 4 of my runs and took the litter to the garden. That was when I remembered Crystal had said the deer had been in the garden so I took time to look and sure enough it was a mess and they had eaten all of my winter kale except a tiny 4 foot section that I had laid a glass over. They got in my raised beds and ate all the beets. GRRR. They inhaled the left over cabbages - didn't they think me and the chickens wanted those things?????

I am baby sitting 4 bunnies for a friend and one of them needed her bum cleaned off today so I did that and then placed her outside in a wire run for her to get some sunshine as it was such a beautiful day.

Of course all of the pups had to come check her out.  After I got all of the runs clean I hung out two loads of laundry and then moved on to fixing the gutter at the front door. At least I am HOPING it is fixed as it has been Pouring the water right down on the little front porch and making such a mess. I kept praying as I climbed the ladder that I would not break my neck. I cleaned out all the leaves and tree limbs and took a rag and cleaned it the best I could . Then I sprayed it good with some of that black stuff they swear will stop a leak???? Then I went and got the drill and a screw and drilled through the top of the gutter where the support was broken and drilled into the other part of it bringing it more upright. Then I sprayed that black stuff all inside and outside again -getting that stuff all over me - so I guess I will have to live with that till it wears off??? Uck!

Next I moved on to the truck load of wood that Crystal had brought in yesterday that a friend had sent . It was a mess as it was covered in little limbs all over the place so I cut them all off and then cut them into sizes I can use. I have another pile that needs to be busted , but I was running out of time so I left them and moved down to the garden where I cut down a nuisance bush and then set another post and put up a new section of bird-netting where the deer has been jumping in?? This is a heavier gauge than I had the first time so we will see how that works???? I need more to add at other places.

I carried all of my tools back up to the building and started gathering my laundry off the line when I got this bright idea to start two little piles of tree branches and debris and burn them. Then I went back to the laundry and separated mine from Crystal's and carried hers up to her Tiny House and took the pups for their evening stroll up the hill and back. I gathered all the eggs and carried them and the laundry down to the house and then packed 3 bags of trash into the car and took then down to the road.

Now it is dark and I got to see Crystal come in and say Hi for a few seconds and then jump in the shower and feed the pups and BOY AM I BUSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is calling for rain tomorrow so I will get to find out if my gutter job did any good??? Keeping fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

Indy is so smart -he learned how to use his treat ball right off the bat and he got all the treats. lol

Monday, February 20, 2017

Life is Good

When you have something this beautiful blooming in the Winter time you know you are blessed. That is one reason I picked this family of flowers because they are known to bloom in the winter (Sounded like a miracle to me??) and because they live in the shade?

Crystal and I both had things to do today so we got together this morning and unloaded the new lawn mower she had bought and then we unloaded the transmission we got stuck with. We put it on the back of another truck just in case we would have to ever load it back to sell it???? I wish a miracle would happen and we could sell it. I laughed at Two Women unloading a transmission??????

Then we split up and did our own running for the day. I had a counselor's appointment and then grabbed some groceries on the way home.

This is Daisy trying to find a play to hide her bone I got her in town?? I followed her all over the yard trying to get a picture ?? She was slick. She eventually took it back in the house and hide it in the bathroom. lol

When I got home and was taking the groceries in Crystal pulled in and she had a load of wood on her truck. I told her to drop it there in the yard and I will work on it this week. Gosh , I am in so much pain, I wish this fibromyalgia would go away!!!!!!!!! Just when I think I have it under control it let's me know who really is in control - and I HATE it..

It was another miraculously Beautiful day again today , so we cheated Old Man Winter out of another day! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am so grateful! lol

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beautiful First Day of A New Week

I got another ladies cap completed , this one with funny kitties all over it. These caps are reversible. I really do like this one.

It has been a very busy day. I tackled my chores and then sharpened the chainsaw. Crystal came down and jumped her wood truck for me and got it up on top of the hill where I had found a tree down I could use. It did not seem like it took long for the chain to get dull as the wood was very hard. But I guess it took a couple of hours and then I loaded what I had cut and piled the brush up out of the way-hoping that these odd and end brush piles can be used by the bunnies for protection.

The truck even started for me - I was so thrilled and went back down to our houses. Crystal had built herself the Cutest little steps and a little walk way at her front door as Yukon kept tearing her pavers up away from her door making it a hazard . It looks so nice after all of her hard work -we will see what Yukon does with it now.

I had to stop at the chicken building where the wood splitter is and bust a few blocks of wood that were a little took heavy for me to deal with for my stove. Crystal and I worked on putting a tarp over the top of the kennel where her coonhound stays while she is working. He and my small pups do not get along as he thinks they are "squeaky-toys".

I sat for a half hour and held my two on my lap in the pasture and laughed myself silly at her and her hound playing in the kennel as she attempted to strap the tarp in place. He tried to wool her wanting to play so she finally wooled him . She had found this place on her first hound , Joe where he was ticklish so she narrowed in on Dan now and found his. It was hilarious as she rolled him on his back and tickled him in his side . He feet were in the air trying to walk on air to get away . He was trying to pinch her in the back - I told her he is not a coonhound but a Snowville (where we live) Pincher! LOL

Then the truck would not start now so I had to get Crystal to roll it to start it and place it at the house and then she helped me unload it . I was SOOOO GRATEFUL as I was getting very tired. It was getting late .I let the pups out of their crates where I had put them for protection while I was running the chainsaw and moving vehicles and we went to gather the eggs. I fed Yukon for the night and went to the highway to pick up the eggs at the road and I had made two dollars today. That makes a total of 6 dollars for the week - half enough to pay for a bag of feed. I was thrilled to death- doing the happy dance.

I came to the house and fixed cornbread and jumped into the shower . Crystal arrived just in time to eat a bowl of bean soup with me. We got the biggest laugh at these furbabies. I had just put the pups chicken in the pressure cooker and the pups were hungry. Mocha is the Parlor Princess who I could not get off of my bed all last year except to potty. With these two new additions she came out and got in the chair where I had my beans . She looked at Crystal and barked softly a complaint that she was not being treated right. I told her it would be an hour before her chicken was ready. She turned around and looked at me and jumped over to where my bowl was in my hand and poked her little nose in my bowl of beans!!!!!!!! BEANS - she had Never eaten beans before. Just for the heck of it I lowered my bowl to see what she would do and she ate the whole bowl - just woofing it down while Crystal commented for her - AN HOUR FOR CHICKEN - I AM STARVING NOW! While both Crystal and I just rolled and laughed at my Parlor Princess eating Beans , which is a food beneath her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL   These furbabies make life so much fun and laughter is so good for the soul. LOL

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wonderful End to a wonderful day


Today was another totally beautiful day. The weather was perfect and I spent most of it in the company of my daughter, Crystal. This was the end of the day when she and one of her best friends and her hubby and I all went out to eat at a place called the Homeplace. It is well named because it is like going to Grandmother's house to eat. When you finally get in to eat they sit you at a little square table and then bring your table full and you eat like when mama was cooking. There was two meats and then all kinds of sides and biscuits and gravy and I got lemonade to drink. I love Crystal's girlfriend , named Sue as she has been in our lives since they were small. She has a fantastic husband who works like a slave in his own business. He mows in the Summer and pushes snow in the Winter and cuts down trees and well, there is not much he does not do. Plus, he is very calm and laid back and I really admire him. They make a lovely couple and I treasure them.

My furbabies and I had already gone for our morning walk when Crystal and her new furbaby Dan showed up wanting to know if I wanted to go for that walk I had been begging for for 4 years. LOL
I told her I had already been but gathered up my crew and off the merry band attempted to go ???? LOL

It was a riot as Dan does not know how to walk on a leash yet AND Indy did not like Dan so he was like an angry flea all over him and us trying to keep the two of them separated and poor little Daisy just wanting me to carry her and protect her from all this chaos?????

It might not have been a good walk- But - it was a good time had by all as we spent most of our time laughing and trying to just keep the peace.

Dan managed to break his leash and it was a good thing that Crystal had my very old horse lead around her waist because she had to fall back on it. I told her I used it to lead my horse 30 years ago now she was using it to lead her PONY! LOL

Friday, February 17, 2017

Cap & A Good Walk

It was such a Totally beautiful day. I made a bean soup and then all the chores and then me and the new furbabies went for an awesome walk.

We walked a little further today as it was just Too Beautiful not to! This is Indy's butt as he disappeared into a wood pile back in the back where it was cut out and piled up. He had a ball exploring.It was so nice to finally see him having some fun.

Miss Daisy seemed to have a good time too.She was the one on the leash today and Indy got to roam free . I try to keep one on the leash for now to keep them close to me.

Even Bandit came out for half of the walk. I was thrilled to see him get out and get some exercise.  We all had a perfect day!I am so grateful for such a lovely day and a chance to finally get to walk, I am also still using the meditation to help with the pain, but it is a little challenging to meditate when you have one furbaby on your lap and one begging to come up.  They even ate the bean soup with me - but probably because it has a lot of macaroni in it.! lol

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ladies cap and Furbaby events

I was suppose to go with a neighbor to help her get her two furbabies groomed but  her hubby got sick and she had to take him to the doctor, so that gave me time to complete another ladies fleece cap.

I took Indy and Daisy for a walk. We all 3 almost got blowed away. Whewwwwww - this wind???? Then tomorrow it is suppose to be very pretty!

From research I have done I have decided thata Indy is what is called a Jackahuahua or a Jack-chin, a hybrid mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua. He has the Jack Russell body and stubby tail and a lot of the Jack Russell quirks- like chasing birds (including chickens) and not so fond of cats. There is a possibility that Daisy might be too -from the pictures online as her nose is denser than a chihuahua and her tail is longer and her legs? But she has none of the quirks. They are both Super Smart and so sweet.

Thanks to them I am back to taking my daily walks now. It is a joy to have someone to walk with.