Thursday, September 1, 2016

Run Around Thurs.

I have been having some horrific pelvic pain so I went to the doc that I was assigned to . He did urine cultures to rule out UTI's  and then sent me to the hospital for ultrasound tests . Nothing showed up abnormal.  He started talking cancer and then when I told my daughter how much I would prefer to see the lady doctor she went and talked to them and had me transferred. She made me an appointment and I went to see her. I REALLY needed to see a lady doctor and I like this one tremendously. She showed me all the tests came back normal .

She asked a little about my life and even childhood experiences and I answered  truthfully . Later she told me that some kinds of pelvic pain could come from past traumas? I never dreamed that? So today was my first day of counseling. We will see where this leads and pray that it fixes the pain.

I had errands to run , picked up my donkey's food . He is losing weight and with his age I fear this will be the last year I spend with him. I had to get gas and met the funniest gentleman. I was washing my windshield as the gas was pumping and he was hurrying by, when he backed up and grinned at me and asked, "I bet you are not married"??? LOL To which we both laughed. Then he said ," Well, somebody has to do it , don't they! ? LOL  He was very sweet .

Then I scurried off to a little town in the mountains where there was a garden center that I was hoping would have certain plants for my Winter garden. I got lucky- they had the Chinese Cabbage that I was looking for and they are the only ones who carry it for some reason? Well, mainly because people in my neck of the woods do not plant a Winter garden? After the Summer stuff dies out they put their gardens to bed, but I want to have as much homegrown produce as I can all year long. Last Winter was my first time to try it and I had really good luck , even though the curly kale was the only thing that made it ALL The Way Through the entire Winter. But, with my Macular Degeneration I need those greens everyday and I did put them  in my morning smoothies. I do everything I can think of to save my eyesight.

I stopped and nabbed me and the pups a few groceries and headed for home. When I arrived home I had packages on the porch. I had ordered some Dehydrator Sheets  from Amazon to use to hopefully make some tomato leather? I could not believe how fast they had arrived! Someone was REALLY on the ball -so maybe I can get on that now.

This was another one of the Sewing Guild dolls that I worked on. Getting closer to finishing. Four down and two more to go! Yea.

Tomorrow will be my outdoors day most of the day as I have a ton of things to accomplish.
The weather has turned cooler almost over night- although we have had cool nights a Lot of the Summer. Not at all like a normal Summer when I would have the windows open and the fan going. I have been closing the windows at night for a few weeks now??? Life is ever changing.

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  1. Whoa! I am glad you had your pain thoroughly checked out and they didn't find anything! I didn't know pain could be caused by trauma so long ago either. Hope it really helps you!

    The doll dress is really cute! Did you make your own pattern or do they provide you with a pattern?

    Take care and don't work too hard out side. I hope this is not the last year for your beloved donkey~ HUGS~