Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday Thunderstorms

Boy - it absolutely Poured down the rain  and it brought down lots of little limbs and LOTS of leaves all over the place. So thick on the front steps I could hardly walk through them.

I poked my camera out the front door and the rain splashed up so fast that it drowned my britches legs all down to my shoes. It had me worried there for a minute with all the thunder and lightening.
When I peeked back out a few minutes later the temperature had dropped ten degrees - Brrr.

So, I gave up on the idea of any outdoor projects and asked Rosie's permission to do a crochet project?

She was only mildly enthusiastic since my theme was a doggie theme. - but I needed another Christmas gift for a child.

And , Miss Puppy Dog was birthed . So my creative endeavors were not all a total loss. ~smile~


  1. Perfect weather to sit and crochet the cute Doggy Hat.

  2. Hi Linda...We have been having pouring rain like that! I love it but I don't have to go out and tend to animals. In fact, I put my dog on a retractable leash and stand on my covered patio and let her go out to do her things! LOL I stay dry and have to towel her off.

    You make be feel so slow at my crocheting. Look at what you created in a rainy afternoon! Wow...your grandbaby will LOVE it! Good job!