Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/22/16 Thursday Ramblings

I started off my morning with chores. These youngsters have come from a line of mixed chickens that I have had for approximately 20 years. They were a mix of colored egg layers and some a little lady way back in the country shared with me. I really like their colors and think they are pretty.

I had put these sticks up to mark my flowers and keep people from driving over them -but you can see we have boo-boos along the way.

I had to go hunt for a hammer and could not find the one we used  on the chimney but I managed to get them pounded back into the ground. I just wish I had some bright paint to mark them with?

I stopped off at the odd couple. She had lost her mate this summer and Rowdy had got too Rowdy and started flying up in my face so they got paired off together and they both seem happy.

I stopped off to visit with the "Working Girls" - they are taking a break at the moment .

Next stop was Daddy Turkey and the baby . That baby is growing and funny to watch.

Next up was the colored egg layers that my friend shared with me . They are suppose to start laying any time and are suppose to lay blue eggs. We will just have to wait and see????

More baby chicks hatched so now I have 8 speckled Sussex . I am so excited. The last one that I found in the incubator this morning was in bad shape. I had seen it start pipping last night and expected it to be out of the egg this morning and dry-but instead it was trapped in the egg and the egg was as hard as concrete. I tried cracking it but it was too hard so I soaked the baby in a small bowl of warm water until I could get it free? I was scared I would hurt it but so far tonight it is still hanging out with the others. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The older babies beside the new babies have been jealous and keeping an eye on the newcomers. I had to laugh when one of the new babies some how caught a stink bug and was running all over the place with it and these teenagers were really drooling as they wished they could steal it from them.

My little "Angel- Halo's" were looking good this morning  - I just love their pretty colors so much.

The black mottled d'uccles looked happy . This is Danielle the rooster who was so mean to me this Spring until I penned him to the ground with a net . Since then he has not attacked me one time and I know love to hear him sing.

This is the traditional color of the d'uccles that most people prefer. I think they are all lovely - just like having different colors of flowers in your garden.

I had to laugh as I went through my rounds of the chores as I thought of my DH. When we would make plans to go to the flea market on weekend -He would volunteer to do the chicken chores and HE would do it SOOOO FAST. I asked him one day , how come he was so much faster than I was??? He replied that he did not stop to "Hug and kiss' each one like I always did!!! LOL - He might have been on to something . But, they are my friends and we have to take care of our freinds-Right?

So you can see as long as it took me to post the pictures that it takes a great deal of time to feed and water and clean runs  and I do get my morning exercise. Plus, if I put everybody outdoors in their corrals -it takes an extra 45 minutes twice a day and lots of exercise going up and down the hill. So, the old woman gets her exercise. lol

I had to go to town to pick up Callie from the vet so I stopped at the store and got my pups food and a pack of chicken breasts that I sliced up and filled the dehydrator to make snacks for them. This way it is way cheaper and also I do not have to worry about what is in these -knowing they are safe for my furbabies.

Poor little Callie is in rough shape after being impaled on that rebar. It just breaks my heart. I got her home and let her out of the carrier and she cried and went up under the bed. I went to get a bed to put on the floor for her and she up-chucked all over the floor and it smelled terrible. By the time I ran to get towels and rags it had run all across the room. It was a terrible mess and she was soo sick . It just kills me to see her like this? It really worried me to see her throw up ???? I am scared for her. The vet said to let her rest and see how she is in the morning?

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