Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A HORRIBLE Animal Morning.

I was awakened this morning by a sound so I took my flashlight and went out on the porch to investigate. I almost got clobbered by the kitty that had been dropped on me back in the Springtime. She had been up to no good and was attempting to climb down the apple tree but ran out of luck. I reached to grab her and missed. I heard her cry and peeked down and could see her dangling in mid-air. I thought she might have got hung on some vine - so I ran to get my shoes and a big towel to grab her in in case we had a fight. But to my horror I found her IMPALED on top of a bar of rebar. I almost fainted from the sheer horror . I quickly wrapped the towel around her and lifted her up and off. I carried her in the house and tried to peek at her tummy but with her long hair I could only see a little wet spot??? She tried to hide and she walked crouched up in pain. Since I could not determine if that was just from the pain of being bruised or if it was more serious I took her to the vet. They called and said that they could see the puncture hole and it was oozing from the fat inside of her but they needed to open her up to see if it had punctured her gut or liver???  I told them money was an issue and they quoted me 436.00. My heart sank - darn Money!  Always an issue-but I knew this had to be done as I could not risk her suffering a horrible death from not  knowing so I told them to go ahead. This for a cat that someone dumped on me -who was starved and matted to the bone-who hates my other two cats and makes life miserable for them(Rosie hides in the sewing room and Gabby ran off to my daughter's tiny house behind me in the pasture) She has killed birds - I put a bell and collar on her- she killed the ground squirrels I love and she brought in a baby squirrel the other night that I took away from her and locked the doggie door for the night - to which she tried every way she could think of to get that door open!! Now this. It is not her fault- I just wish people would be more responsible with animals. She is very lovely and soft and full of herself. She talks all the time and is a real people cat - just not another cat-cat! I have been waiting to hear from the vets what they find????

Meantime I went out to do the morning chores. Yukon got his belly full and he decided to watch the going ons.

One of my teenage chickens is not doing good. She is the one in the back. I have even been force feeding her and keeping her under a light at night. I carried them out to a corral in the sunshine and put 3 kinds of food and fresh water in with them hoping it will inspire her to eat. I really want her to live.

After all Summer of trying I am finally having some chicks hatch from eggs i ordered on E-bay. These brown ones are Speckled Sussex's and I am holding my breath as I heard more in the incubator!  This time it is an incubator that a friend loaned me . They are suppose to be really good layers and turn very speckled as they age. It will be fun to watch them transform if they survive and I can keep them away from predators, as EVERYTHING likes to eat a chicken!   

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  1. What a sad story, but what a blessed cat Callie is! Hope she is better by now and healing quickly! I just love seeing Yucon!