Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9/20/2016 - I can hardly believe we are this far into our present year?

I spent the first part of my day outdoors working . You know how it is -one thing leads to another-put the chickies out - fed and watered everybody . Cleaned out some runs and carried that to the garden to mulch some of the new plants. Dusted the new cabbage plants, they are growing but the bugs have found them. I meant to replant the kale and the turnips since it had rained but I got carried away weeding and forgot.

By then it was around 2 and I was tired so I decided I better bring the chicks back in and call it a day as my energy was waning. I got them all put up in their clean runs and then hastled back down to the garden I picked these banana peppers that I had found hiding in some tall weeds. It was a good thing I had mulched them early on -or I might never have found them. I carried them to the house and bathed them and me and did two loads of laundry and fixed a bit to eat as I sat down and started seeding and slicing the peppers. It took me 3 hours to get them all cut up small. Seems the small things can be the most tedious?

I sure hope these turn out alright. It is my bedtime and my eyeballs are rolling across the floor they are so sleepy.  Night - night to all.


  1. Wow you are always so busy! I hope those peppers come out awesome.

    1. Thanks for visiting Chris- I was a little worried when I Never get to hear from you. One can did not seal - so I will get to test it out shortly. I like to put them on pizzas .

  2. I love those peppers, and just eat them raw!