Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Chimney Is Going Up

My daughter's boyfriend, Tim  and his best friend, Jimmy  have generously volunteered to build me a new chimney. There use to be one on the side of the house but a chimney fire many years ago cracked it all the way down and my DH had yanked it off the side of the house. He never dreamed we would need it again because he hooked up the outdoor wood stove -which was wonderful - - - - - Until after he passed away and the thing cracked open in two different places and the water all ran out of it!

So then Last winter I had a propane furnace installed and tried propane for heat. It was so expensive that it ate up all of my savings and I still froze and was miserable -as were my pups.

So, with everybody's help they are getting it ready to bring back in the old wood stove that raised 3 children and kept us warm for many years.

I knew I had to leave to go for my acupuncture treatment for my eyes so I ran around snapping pictures trying to record their hard work.

And while I was gone it got Hot on them because the sun comes around that corner for the hottest part of the  day! Isn't it looking neat and see they are putting in a little door that I will be able to clean the ashes out !

When I got back home my daughter came in from working at the Post Office early. Their air conditioner system had broken down and they were attempting to work in a brick building with no air flow and everybody was getting sick from the heat.

They got their scaffold set up as they moved up higher than their waist.  I am worried about them - I do not want them to get hurt doing something sweet for me.  I am so very grateful to them.


  1. Yay for a new chimney!!! Such wonderful workers have blessed you!!! Hugs~

  2. How nice to have your chimney built ready to have a lovely warm fire when it's cold..great helpers.