Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Flew By

You know how it is when you want to start one project but you need some supplies ??? Well, that was me this morning. I Need to work on my aquariums for placement of my wood stove between them -BUT - I need to reroute the electrical wires AWAY from the stove-which is exactly were they are located at right now-that is where the plug in is located???

But, I needed this One Little Part that I knew I needed but could not locate so I tore my silverware drawer out and vacuumed it out good  and relocated some stuff to give me more room-but still no little switch I was looking for??

While I was cleaning out the drawer I ran across this one little spoon. This spoon and I have a history so I know it is 63 years old at least. Mama got it from a peanut company some how and I remember being a little girl and one of m favorite treats was this spoon loaded with peanut butter and chocolate. lol

I kept running in and out of the bedroom to check on Callie - the kitty who impaled herself on a stake of rebar. It went in her tummy and came out the top of her back there. It just breaks my heart. I coaxed her onto a soft mat on the floor and tried to tempt her with some tuna ???? She is drinking some water and taking her pain med. Can you even image having a bar run through your whole body?

I had a dear friend come by to visit and she brought me a serving of couscous salad. After she left I got busy on that aquarium project and managed to get one of the aquariums cleaned out -inside and on top where I keep some flowers and re-routed those electric cords and then I was pooped. I also cleaned up under it where there is storage but it was storing Spiders more than anything. With the cold weather coming in -they are too-but i gave them a rude eviction notice with that homemade vinegar and lemon cleaner I had made. They did not like it at all and they headed to the hills.

Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the aquarium to the left of that one and move those cords to the left wall and that white box is covering the pipe hole for the chimney . That is the double insulated pipe that will come in from the chimney . They say it never gets hot and you can lay your hand on it. I Sure Do Hope they are telling the truth about that.

I am Pooped tonight. Need to get some rest tonight so after I do chores in the  morning I can tackle the second aquarium and then move some furniture to make room for the mat that will be cut to fit on the floor for the stove to sit on.???? Still have more work to do on the woodstove too. I raised the canvas on top of it today and noticed that it is wet. I thought the canvas was protecting it , but it has wore thin in the years it has been sitting outdoors. ?????

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