Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Ran Off and Left Me

Miss Rosie is really laying down in the swing seat with me peeking at her from above. lo This day has gone by in a real Blur. I got up early and started - made my morning green smoothie for my eyes, let Miss Rosie out to lay on her front porch all day- went and carried the chickens down to their corrals. Then ran to the house and changed clothes and took off to the feed store because my chicks are dieing and a friend told me that his was too and he changed food and they all lived. So that was my plan. Since it turned out to be a holiday town was almost empty! Boy , I like driving in a ghost town. chuckle-chuckle!

Then I had to go to Lowes and pick up a pack of washers for my bathtub faucet project. Then back through town and peeked at the grocery store to see if they had any meats on sale for my pups. No-looks like that will be tomorrow , as I have learned they discount the meat the day before it goes out of date! Neat tip.

Back home like a homing pigeon and changed into working clothes. I was starved so I headed to the garden and picked a pot of pole beans! Yea- I finally have beans . I strung and  broke them and throwed them in the pressure cooker while I make a tomato mixture to go with them and the potato salad from yesterday. Then I called my daughter to see if she could take a break and come eat. She needed a small hand to help her lift a piece of sheet rock so she could get a nail in it so we did that and then came back and dove into the food. I was sooo hungry and it was soooooo good.

Then my friend with the chickens arrived and brought me 6 lovely chickens- they are suppose to lay the blue eggs and I am so tickled. I had the little house all clean and ready for them.

After they left I ran down and carried all the chickens back up the hill and into the building where I hope they are safe- as far as I know they are safe in there. That was when I discovered that I had got home with the donkey's food but they had not put the chick starter food in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My Main reason for going to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I truck back up the hill and holler at my dear daughter and ask her if she could pick it up for me tomorrow as she goes to work and she said yes! that will save me one trip and I am so grateful!

Then back in the house and I finally unloaded the dehydrator from the tomato leather . I got two nice size packs from it and put them through the sealer so they will keep longer.

Now it is dark and I am tired but Crystal turned the hot water off for me and I am going to ATTEMPT to work on that faucet!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know how successful or not successful I am !!!!!!!!!!!! Geezzzzzzzzz life just keeps on getting it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sure had a full day Linda!
    Love that you got new chickens! Blue eggs will be fun! Sorry about the chick feed but glad Crystal could help you out!