Sunday, September 11, 2016

Is IT Really Sunday Already????

I just plain ran out of daylight-the day just flew by. I did all my chores and put the chickies out and then picked a big mess of beans . Had to climb on the ladder to reach the top of the vines because they are one an upturned stock panel . Kind of a pain to reach, but nice when you have a small space. It took me a couple of hours to string and break and cook them and then it was time to go haul all the chickies back in the building.

My dear daughter and her boyfriend hauled down the flu blocks to work on the chimney tomorrow.

The idea is to install a double insulated pipe through the wall and then add the flu blocks on top of that all the way UP past the roof top! I am so very grateful for them hoping to do that tomorrow as I am not strong enough to heave them up that high. Shoot , I can barely drag those heavy things anywhere?

She is putting one in her "tiny house" also -so we are both hoping to stay warm this winter. Then we have to get her wood truck fixed . Something broke and it will not pull out when you put it in four wheel drive and we need that to get back in the woods and back out .

But it was a beautiful , productive day.

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  1. I hope you both keep warm over winter, I know it get s really cold where you live. I mentioned snow the other day... it wasn't HERE in my town, it was about 150 miles away, and also down in our South Island.
    Where I live now does get quite cold with frosts, but not snow sadly. I'd love to live somewhere that gets snow.