Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another Busy Weds Has Flown By

I spent the morning getting all chores caught up so I could work on these dolls to turn into the Guild tomorrow. I was almost tired before I got started. lol

The last one completed. She was the only one that I got to make my favorite casual outfit for from my own hand drawn pattern. Since she came with a little dress I packed it up in that little pink over-nite bag. I wish I could have had time to do the accessories in a "sewn" style , since it was for the Sewing Guild , but after all of my tumultuous summer adventures I just plain ran out of time and energy and creativity. I am not happy with the outfits so If the other gals have created some of their beautiful projects I know they can do - then I would be tickled pink for them to substitute them

I finished off my day by taking a shower and testing out that new faucet that I installed the washer in and so far -so good- no leaking ! Yea!

Then carried in all my little chickens from their corrals , fed the Donkey and locked up the free range chickens and completed my projects with this dehydrated Chicken dogie treats. Every time I look at treats in the store they either cost twenty to thirty bucks or they contain dangerous chemicals - like antifreeze!!!!!!!! So this is fresh chicken breast I caught on sale yesterday for 4.00 that I sliced thin and they have no chemicals in them from me! Hope my pups enjoy them.

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