Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Callie Day

Well, my day was pretty much used up by having to take Miss Callie back to the vet since she chewed the top stitches out of where that rebar had come out of her back. But it was looking gooey and she was just cleaning it up- stitches included and you could see down inside of her pretty deep. They said the hole was too big for it to heal on its own so off to surgery she went???

I came home and did some chores and then called the phone company to see if they were ever going to fix my house phone -so they have set up an appointment for tomorrow?? They have told me that before and it has been almost a month now without any house phone??? We will see what happens this time??

I could hardly hear the message with their robot you have to talk to so I went online to research another phone with my Boost provider. They have been SOOO much better than Verizon ever was and now I know the service really works - I want to try a better phone????  By the time I got lost in all of the reviews it was time to pick Callie up -so back to town I went.

As you can tell she is not happy AT ALL. My now dumped on me cat is now worth 600.00 dollars? Boy, would I like to strangle the "Dumper"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is trying to get at these stitches with everything she can think of . She even managed to get one front let in her hood??? I had to get it out. She looks pitiful- and I wonder if she will be able to figure out how to eat or drink? She could not get in her litter box and after a boo-boo I learned to take the hood off of it??? The other two cats do not know where to run or laugh?????  I wish they could laugh and not run off.  She is definitely one strong willed kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has a drain in the incision this time and I am suppose to wash it daily and take her back in 3 to 5 days depending on how much drainage there is?????  Did I mention I want to strangle who ever dumped this girl on me?????????????????????????????????

It is calling for it to be down right cool tonight -somewhere between 50 and 55.  Brrr? I still need to move some of the furniture before I start that stove and I need to dust all the house flowers before I bring them back in to hopefully deter any bugs  hiding out on them??????  I need to check to see if there are any potatoes in the garden where the dead vines are so if there are any I can lay them out to dry in the pretty cloudy weather???? Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  - I need to run and catch up on life as it is not waiting for me????????????????

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  1. I think I would faint if I had to pay $600~ My daughter's two dogs got very sick last week. She had no idea what was wrong with them. After they had medications, IV drips to give them fluid, etc. She came home and in the back yard found these huge fast growing mushrooms that had come up in the day or two since she had mowed the lawn, and about 10 of these were eaten. So basically the dogs poisoned themselves almost to death. It was $600 for her too~