Friday, September 16, 2016

Moping With My Back

My back is just so painful that I did not even put the chickies out this morning. I ambled down to the garden and brought them back some fresh chard and little tomatoes.

I worked aon their little taxie carrier and made it more study - I hope.

I had finally got a little stapler so I went to work on the last run that I built but was needing the fencing put up around it.

I needed it completed because this coming Tuesday is when the eggs in the incubator are due to hatch. This time it looks like I might have some success.

If none of them hatch then that's it for this year. I will not try anymore with the incubator.

It does not look like much since I have recycled all of the wood framing in the runs. There are two of them and each one has a window for light. If the babies hatch I will put a lamp or maybe two in there for warmth as it is getting very chilly at night now. I do not like it when it gets down in the 50's. Br.

I went to the garden and picked a small basket of tomatoes and some peppers. I worked on chopping the peppers up and in the freezer. Then Tim helped me cut open a baby coconut so I could get the water from it. I have read that it is so good as eye drops for your eyes so I am going to throw that at my "dudding" eyes.

I sanded a tiny bit on my wood stove that has been covered up beside the house for about ten years now. The cover was getting very thin and it has rusted up. I finally had to give it up and go feed Yukon the donkey and close the chicken building up for the night.

When your back hurts you just hurt all over. I wish I could have got more accomplished but that is just how some days are. Tomorrow it is calling for rain and then the next day the phone man is suppose to come work on the phone that has been out of order for two weeks now. It is hard to get them to fix things . They have just got too big.

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