Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's In??

It's been a grueling couple of days as my daughter and her boyfriend and me worked to get this woodstove back in the house after about 10 years of sitting outdoors beside the house. I am bone tired and they did most all of the work and nobody got hurt! Yea! I hope to work on that ugly board under it , but that can wait a few days.

I even got the second aquarium all cleaned up and the wires re-routed Away from the stove pipe. Now I have to move a couple of pieces of furniture on the left hand side of it -hopefully to do that tomorrow.

I checked out the garden and the turnip seeds I had planted had not come up so I re-dug the two places and replanted again to see if these will come up , as it is calling for rain tomorrow.

I let Callie out of her bedroom today for the first time and she came out in the living room. That spot on her back is where the rebar came all the way through her body -from her tummy to her spine. She is still very sore but I thought the walk from one room to the other might help get her gut moving . They said keep her quiet and so far that is what we have been doing.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for the new old stove installed! Now you will be ready for the cold weather~

    POOR CALLIE!!! I cannot imagine what she went through~