Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Chimney Still Continues

I don't think any of us realizes how much work goes into building a chimney unless you actually see the process. The boys are cleaning up the old blocks and that takes time and muscle. Then they erected a scaffold - I had never seen that before either-but it is still very scary as the boards that we found for them to walk on are not the strongest and the blocks are Very Heavy to be hoisted up.

Then Jimmy climbed Up on Top of the Metal roof to remove the panel there where the chimney has to come through. I was SOOOOOO Scared . That metal roof was HOT and Slick! If he were to fall it would break his back - if he lived through it. I kept praying for his safety.

Tim said he was being the laborer today and he carried the blocks to the scaffold and cleaned the blocks of the old cement . He mixed the mortar also . Jimmy packs the mortar and heaves the blocks in place. He smoothes the joint and uses a level to level the blocks-each one as they go up. It is very Heavy work. I wonder if their back and shoulders hurt at night?

I told Tim that I had proof that he sat on his butt! LOL He said that was one of the perks of being a "Laborer"- you got breaks in between times to mix and lift?? LOL

Miss Callie was allowed out with us today because Miss Rosie said there was just TOO Much going on and she would stay in her room for the day. So Callie enjoyed herself for quiet a while.

The guys got higher and higher and it took two to lift the blocks over their heads.  I was still so scared for them.

I did ask them to take a break for a late meal. I fed them fresh green beans, potato salad and my first tomato pie. We all got stuffed.

Tim had to turn his head  while Jimmy was cutting a block as the dust was so bad. They had to stop to go pick Crystal up from work.Then they worked until after dark-putting blocks up by flashlight. It only needs one More Block and it will be completed.  So maybe tomorrow we can all rejoice and the hard work will be over and hopefully they will not get hurt. That is the important part.That they do not get hurt.

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