Monday, September 19, 2016

Tired Monday - lol

Yea, it rained last night. The tomatoes are dwindling down and I made tomato soup -

Coco did not know what to think of me showing up in the Sewing Room today! LOL Matter of fact -neither did I. We lost our electricity for a while so I decided to go look for some special fabric. Now this is special fabric because a friend sent it to me /

When it arrived I took one look at it and laughed and said, Yep - she wants shirts for Christmas. lol

The only problem was - I Could Not Find it this morning! Of course with no electricity I was looking with a flashlight. I ended up tearing up the entire sewing room - and cleaning as I went. I used that new vinegar over orange peelings spray I made. I found LOTS of spiders and they did not like this spray!

It sure did smell good after I was finished. But still no fabric? Where did it go? I went through every room in the house but no fabric I could find. I went outdoors in the rain and checked an outside building in totes-but no fabric.

Then the electricity came back on and I went back in the sewing room and in one little cubby hole where I had cleaned out an old computer -there it was  hiding. So I went to work on it, as Christmas is right around the corner when you are sewing.

It took me all day long to cut them all out and then get this one sewed together. I was So excited that my mind remembered how to sew it together.

To top it off I repaired two pair of bloomers . The elastic had given out around the legs and they did more walking than I did. I had looked at them in the store and could not believe the price !  So, these guys are back in service.

By the end of this day my back is just screaming- is sewing that hard on your back??????????????

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  1. That shirt fabric sure is pretty!
    You were like a dog with a bone, and didn't give up looking until you found! LOL