Friday, September 30, 2016

Rain and Drain???

My pups slept in today until about lunch time while I was out doors doing chores. We had another Really Hard rain last night and 3 of my chicken runs were wet so I shoveled them out and put fresh shavings down for them and carried the litter to the garden. Then I took  a little square edge shovel and dug around the back of the building where I thought it might have seeped in. After everything dries up I plan to calk around the window to see if that will stop it???

I came in and took a shower and fixed a bite to eat and then collected Callie to go to the vet to take this drain out????

Neither Callie nor I knew that there is still more bad ahead than there is good for us to deal with?

When we got home Callie just begged so pitifully to go outdoors that I told her I would walk her around the yard -thinking she might like to go potty outdoors. That was when I noticed the pus started to run down her side and was covering her coat. It was all sticky and gooey and stinky so I ran and got some scissors and tried to clip it away from the wound so it would not make such a monster mess?

Meanwhile Callie was attempting to get to it to clean it up herself. But , of course she cannot with the cone. It is on there to keep her from chewing out the stitches again. But she only chewed the stitches because the darn place was full of infection and needed to get out. I kept thinking she could do a better job of cleaning it than I could - wonder if that is like when we have a runny nose and we keep sucking it back up . I always wondered if that was a bad thing for kids to do -to take the infection back into our bodies????? I am not a highly educated person so I do not know these things??????

I did call the vet back and ask for information on how to clean it and contain it . They just said it would do this for a few days now and to keep it clean????????????? I am stumped - if I run warm water on it -both top and bottom -then the water will run down under her tummy into her other incision on the bottom.

Poor gal-she even spotted the pile of fur that I clipped off that was covered in the stuff and tried to lick it clean before I steered her away. She knew it belonged to her and was suppose to be clean? Animals really do try hard.

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