Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dolly Weds.

Cocoa is one of my little daily helpers. She is just so shy that some days she does not enjoy being seen except to get her morning meds , her lunch and then night time meds. But when ever she spends time with me it uplifts my heart.

I had to put my stevia and chard back in the dehydrator - I do not know if I did not leave them in long enough to start with -or- if I left then in the dehydrator overnight and they absorbed moisture or not. But I ran them at a low temp for 8 more hours and then I ran them through the coffee grinder into a powder. That way I can add the chard to my smoothies If I run out of greens in the garden over the Winter or run out of money. ~smile~

I headed back into the sewing room again and worked on another one of the dolls for the Sewing Guild.

It is amazing how fast your day flies by when you stay busy. We had a horrendous amount of thunder come rolling through. It rattled the whole house and one time I even ran outdoors to see if someone had drove up??? But Nope - just all that thunder clanging around. Sounded like a roaring motor over the sound of the fan? Seems the storm when down the road about 30 miles and let Roanoke have it with lots of rain and wind.

I am so grateful that all is at peace here. Another lovely day in the country.

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  1. You little Cocoa is an introvert for sure! LOL
    I buy Stevia at Aldi's. I never thought about growing it. Cool!
    Your doll is pretty. Do you donate the doll or just clothes you sew for the doll~ I missed that info. Hugs to you Linda!