Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Flying By Tues.

I planted these lovely zinnias back in the Spring because I wanted something to help hide the propane tank. I really do like them.

I was up and going early - my morning to feed and clean everybody and get the chickens put outdoors to enjoy this beautiful day. Then  I headed off to town because on my bath rub project last night -I did get the faucet tore apart but I had the wrong washers. So I had to take them back and get the proper ones. I took the part I had removed from the faucet to make sure I found the correct size. I had to stop for a couple more errands and then head to home.

When I got home I changed clothes and then fixed my pups their supper. It was gizzards this time , but they were not impressed. I heated up my green beans and had them with the potato salad and tomatoes and it was quiet good.

Finally I gathered up what was left from the racket with this faucet and got the correct size washer installed and everything put back in place. I did not tighten everything down as tight as they were . Just in case I have to do this again. At one time this video I was watching said you needed a specail tool to take my cover off. So I stood there looking at it and said, If my dh was here what would he do???? SO I grabbed a hammer and whacked it with the part of the claw and it fell right apart like it was suppose to! YEA!  I like to never got it to come loose from the wall. I actually damaged one of the nuts , but it went back on right and I am So Grateful to have that job completed Successfully! Thank Goodness for Youtube these days! Their videos on how to do things are real life-savers.

Now tomorrow I HAVE to complete those dolls -it is my last day to do that !

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