Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stove Saturday

Me and an old friend are getting reacquainted ? She has been buried under a canvas cover beside the house for about ten years now. We took her out the year that DH installed a hardwood floor in the living room and neither one of us wanted to put her back in and risk scaring the floor with her or carrying in the wood to burn in it. She is so rusted and the doors will not even open for me yet as they are rusted shut. Also the drafts are rusted shut. I took some rust buster that my DD had in the building and sprayed every movable part down good and have let it sit.

I still wish I did not have to bring her back in and risk scaring the floor -but finances dictate that I have to stay warm this winter and this is the only way I can afford to do it-so I am counting my blessings that I still have her to rely on.  I borrowed my daughter's boyfriend's wire brush and have been scrubbing away at all that rust-trying to get it around the back where the pipe now will fit .

I can remember this side well -when Crystal and Cory were small and we first got the stove they would wait until Mom and Dad left the room and they would touch crayons to the hot stove and let them melt down the sides so they would be rainbow colored????? lol

So course my back started to complain so I had to give it up . I did all my morning chores but did not put the chickens out because it was calling for rain. Needless to say - it did not rain ! So I went to the garden and pulled up two monster Tommy Toe tomato plants in a raised bed and drug them up to the outside chickens run . Then headed back and hoed the bed good adding some compost and raking everything level and planted some Colored beet seeds. I sure do hope they do something as I would love to see all different colors of beets. Since we have not had rain in a while the turnip seeds I planted have not come up so I might should replant them although it is getting late??? Hum?????

I carried all the inside chickens some tomatoes and chard and they liked that. I weeded a little in a flower bed until my back complained again and I had to quit and go in. I fixed some fresh green beans and a salad and my daughter stopped and ate with me after she got off of work.

After they left I bathed the 3 furbabies and made them all mad at me and now I am working on figuring out how to re-run the wires that go to the two aquariums on the wall that the stove is going to be on??? I am temporarily stumped but I am tired and in pain ? Plus I need to move some furniture so I am taking a break. Tomorrow the telephone man is suppose to come fix the phone -after waiting two weeks. We will see how that goes. ~smile~ There are certainly plenty of spider webbs that have moved in with my upside down Summer.


  1. Any way we can keep warm is the way to go girl. I would have no problem bringing that heater back inside. Once your winter is with you and your house is will be glad it came back inside. I love the story of the crayons. Kids are marvellous aren't they!!! lol

  2. Wow Linda...that is a lot of work...but if it keeps you warm I am thrilled! How will you get all the wood you need to burn in this stove and in the one you use for your outside animals? I hope someone can help you with that! Thanks for your email! I will answer real soon. Having to run to the store right now. HUGS~