Monday, September 26, 2016

A Beautiful Day

My day was short and sweet. I got up early and worked on my chores because they were calling for thunderstorms? I even pruned some of my flowers and took starts off of them -always just in case I should lose one??? I was happy to get that done.

Then one of my dearest girlfriends called and invited me to go with her to a health food store and a fruit market just out of state , which is only an hour drive for us.

We took a back road though the country and saw some Lovely views and then we ran upon a covered wagon train!!!!!!!!!!! Yep - stuff you only used to see in movies??? It was amazing-then we took a side turn which took us alongside a lovely little river -looked more like a big creek to me. ~smile~ Then it decided to pour down rain -but it was a lovely ride in her beautiful little blue car.

We went to the health food store first and it was very nice . I got some organic honey source locally -thank goodness . After I read the story of how some honey supplies are shipped in with other syrups mixed in with them to make them cheaper -it made me sick that we cannot trust our groceries. I already knew they were shipping our chickens to China to be butchered and then shipped back to under some Obama trade regulations -now they are going to do this with out pigs. Not only are their standards not the same as ours but the pure torment that these animals must endure -only to be killed? It is a very sad thing.

I got some lovely oranges at the market and a few peaches. My friend is very sick with a gallstone stuck in her bile duct and is suppose to have surgery this Friday, but she is thinking about doing a flush like I do when I had a gallbladder attack? I am very worried and scared for her-so anybody please put up a prayer for her.


  1. Sounds like a nice outing ... Hope your friend is okay with the home remedy.

  2. How is your friend's gall bladder now? How did the surgery go?

    WOW...a covered wagon train! Amazing!