Friday, September 9, 2016


A morning is a new chapter in our life , a chance at entirely new adventures ahead of us that we have yet to see. I have discovered that I Really do not want to plunge out that door and start-but - after I finally drag myself out it takes on a whole new appeal. I mean one of the reasons I keep my chickens is to force me to get exercise and fresh air-not counting the extra treats of eggs in the kitchen .

This morning I remembered that IF I take my camera along for the trip I manage to discover I do more in my day than I would remember normally -thus, wondering where did my day go to?? So I put on my little fanny pack and took off. I was putting my first little chickens out and wanted to snap a picture of them for their "cute-ness factor" when I discovered I had put on my fanny pack - Up-Side down???? Hum?????  Wonder if this was a warning of the days events yet to come?

Then the camera flashed me a message of batteries dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! So, I track back inside the house to grab the batteries ONLY to discover that they are not where I thought I had put them????????????????? After all this was before my Summer took an abrupt left turn and left me in the ashes of "What Happened"""""". I am lucky and have a pack of cheap little batteries I can fall back on, but I had just bought these other batteries SPECIAL for my camera???? Darn it. Yep- a new unplanned chapter?????????????????

Well, I got lucky and found my batteries under a folder- yea.

I carried my next group out -these are all just babies.

Then I stopped and admired the work that another group had done on a  hill that the weeds had taken over while I was sick. I wanted to pull them all out but decided to let the chicks start the job for me.

So I moved their corral and plopped them in a new spot full of fresh grass. Then I went back and worked on the other spot.

Now it looks like this-I started to water it and plant some ground cover in there, but decided it was hot today -to let the sun bake some of those darn weeds and see if I can whip them out a little bit first.

As I go up and down the hill carrying everybody I stopped to wrestle with this composter that I got at the Goodwill. I really do love it- But - it REALLY does whip me as I attempt to roll it across the yard to mix the compost. lol

Another group out - making progress!

                          Yes, the last major group is out in the fresh grass. Yea.

I stop to fed the turkeys and carry them a big armful of fresh grass.

Trying to get a picture of their baby is a nightmare. Every time I go to snap a picture the baby runs up under Daddy and my camera is so slow that the other times all it snapped was a piece of AIR. They did not take care of baby to start with so I had to take him in the building and have just brought it back out to them. They tried to hurt it to start with , but are adjusting now. I am so glad.,

My next chore is unloading the donkey's food into the building . My problem is  that I can make it to the step but cannot manage to lift me up with the sack of food?

So, I found this simple half block and add it as a step and low and behold I can now access the inside of the building. You would not think something so simple would be a problem , but I am finding out that age can pull tricks on you .

This is one of my babies who is not doing good. When a friend got her for me she was fine -then she went down hill. He had some that did the same thing and he changed feed and they all perked up. So I have got her the new food but she was so weak by the time I got it it has not had enough time to build her up. So, I am going to force feed her and see if I can get enough in her to save her. I Really am crazy about her. She is a lavender orpington and I want her to survive so bad!

Well, got that job accomplished - I sure hope it helps!

Bandit is checking up on me and offering me moral support along the way. I am getting tired and take a quick lunch break ok the last in the pot of the green beans from last weekend. Then back to the garden.

                                                To pick the tomatoes.

Now it is time to go change out everybody's water and carry them all back up the hill and put them to bed for the night! Also feed Yukon the donkey too and then I will be Pooped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh your chickens are so lovely. There are two over my back fence and they come visiting. My neighbour on the other side HATES the chickens and puts the hose on them when they are in her garden. I don't think that's very nice. They are gorgeous chickens too.