Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wow- A New Week and a New Chapter

It certainly was a beautiful day. Sunshine but not too hot and I got all the little chickens put outdoors in their little corrals to enjoy the green grass and fresh air.

Then I cleaned out a couple of their runs and the one little hen-house outdoors because a friend keeps telling me he is going to bring me some chickens. Of course he has been telling me that all Summer long. lol  But the little building is clean and all ready for what ever may or may not come along. lol

I used all of the used shavings to mulch the rest of the hellebore flower bed. Yea, another job completed and off my list until Spring time!

                                         Do you remember this????????????????


                                               Well, this is what it turned into . lol

This has been my new project. But it has turned into a two day project because it did not dry properly overnight-so I had to continue it today. Tomato leather , but I made a big boo-boo. I added too much salt when I blended the tomatoes because I added Parmesan cheese, not realizing how salty the cheese was ! It is Definitely Salty. My daughter said it would be good to add to soups or noodles , but I still like it for snacking. I even saw one lady who put it on her sandwiches and said it was Delish!

I am tired, made a big bowl of potato salad-more like mashed potato salad . I only cooked the potatoes for 15 minutes but they are still TOO DONE. But the taste is good so we chowed down on them and zoodles. I wanted to make a tomato pie but just ran out of time because I helped Crystal  HEAVE up a solar panel on top of her little house she is building. You would have laughed watching us -her in flip flops climbing the ladder in front of me with a wire tied to the creation. She would pull and climb and I would step up and heave. Then we had to work it around the top of the ladder onto the  roof and she had to try to stay up there because her flip flops had other ideas. LOL  Leave it to two gals to get the job done. ~smile~

I need to figure out how to work on my bathroom bathtub facets - they have stated dripping and that is not good. I am not a plumber and do not know how to go about it ???? IF ONLY DH was here !
I know I will have to turn the water off, But to get to that fixture I will have to move half of my bedroom because it is BEHIND this big shelving unit that is cornered in???? So I will have to move this to move that to get to that  - O- BOY- that will be a mess . REALLY??? A WHOLE day's job just moving stuff - then to figure out how to take the thing apart and figure out what kind of part it needs?

It might have to continue to drip a while because these tomatoes come first -food first - then those dolls I still have to complete by this Thurs. One little dilemma at a time.

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