Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tues, Oct 4, Fishie???

Where do the days go to- they just whiz by too fast and blend into each other. For two days I was overwhelmed by attempting to set up a new cell phone????????? They call them smart phones and I think that there is a reason for that!  Much smarter than ME and I hate to be shown up by a machine . But, finally after two days and lots of research and tears it finally just started to Work????

Then the next day was spent in the garden - I picked the last mess of the pole beans. My eyes kept giving me so much grief that it was hard to see the beans. Then they had been left on the vine too long due to all the storms we had last week and they were tough so I spent 4 long hours shelling them . I have just got So Slow. If old people are suppose to stop and smell the roses - it is very disheartening to take so long to do the simple things. One part of me thought no wonder people just grab something from the store. Even if it is not good for you it saves a lot of time and effort that working people just do not have extra.

But today was not a total wash out. I did all the morning chores and went to the doctor. She took blood for tests for my thyroid and iron and kidney and vitamins because I stay so cold all the time and my voice comes and goes horse and I am so darn tired and I got a flu shot. I will be anxious to get the results of the tests back. My nurse was such a pro- she did not even hurt me like so many of them do and it was because she was so calm and patient and knew what she was doing. Then I came home and  loaded the car with two Big FLOWERS that a friend has agreed to "baby-sit" for the winter as her house has lots of light and she had cleaned out her house when she was thinking about selling it so it only has the bare essentials in it and there are room for the plants. It was so nice to spend a few minutes just visiting with her.

My eyes are giving me more grief so I was very careful driving to and fro . If only I could find something else to help them?????

But I did manage to pull off another project. I have a friend who loves to fish and I think this will make a good Christmas gift for her. It is made from cotton yarn so it can be a pot scrubber or a mug rug or even wall art or potholder???  But, I did think it turned out cute.

I need to check the weather to see if I can move everything off of the back porch so I can move the shelf and the flowers back inside for the winter as there are only about two more weeks until our first frost??? So, I need to get my "babies" back inside. That will  take an entire day's worth of effort as the porch is crammed. Such is life. ~smile~

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  1. Your friend will love the fish! It is so cute! You amaze me with the things you make! Did you follow a pattern, or did you make it up as you went?