Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Busy Tuesday

I got quiet a bit accomplished today. I fixed our breakfast and then moved on into the sewing room I have been sewing side seams and serging the hem on the bottom of the lounge and the top part of the waist to make them look more smooth.But - time kept flying and DH had to go to the urology doctor for his 3 month checkup and it was not good news. :( His psa count was up too much -so they have scheduled him with a cancer doctor on Thurs. and a bone scan and a CT scan at the hospital  for Friday.

We came home and I think we both were in shock because we both just collapsed in our chairs like we were numb. He was so tired  so he fixed the woodstove up outdoors and he went to bed. He was just wore out . I came in the sewing room and worked some more on all those lounge pants. Then I got sidetracked and finished up the younger son's shirt.

 Humm??? I am running out of room - I am going to have to get some more presents wrapped. Can you believe it is only 3 weeks until the big day?

We are having a rain storm that sounds like Drums of water are being flung on us!. I can almost see the "raining cats and dogs" outside -except for the fact it is dark!
Sending love  


  1. Oh so sorry to hear your darling hubby is not well, it must be such a worry. Sending loves and hugs.... {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Here's hoping the news will turn out ok. Take care.

  3. Linda...I am praying for your dear Hubby! Keep calm and trust the LORD to keep you both in His Love!