Monday, November 15, 2010

Would anybody in blogland like to trade?

I want to trade a rotten , hateful, evil , temperamental  Brother PE-700II embroidery machine for a state of the art - perfect - high dollar - Perfect (you notice I say Perfect-one that will actually sew instead of having to fight with it every inch of the way?

Doesn't that sound like the "perfect"deal? Just think of how much your brain function will improve as it runs here and there searching every corner of your brain searching for the right answer? There will never be a spare  or empty moment for the duration of your affair with this wondrous machine. Why-the way it can break threads or rip bobbins right out of the bobbin case is down-right super reflexes! And, strong - it is so super strong that it easily destroys titanium needles and leaves them as dust under its pressure foot! Maybe you could get hired to pre-test out every needle that comes on the market ? If they are strong enough to withstand the pressure test of this Brother - they can last in any machine created by human hands. Or, its smooth attention to details as it grinds into purring in a perfect gear - only - to change its mind and decide that White bobbin thread would be  more attractive and before you can blink your eyes - it is like super man and can switch techniques faster than the eye can behold! So, I will leave you -shivering in delight - at the thought of bring this wondrous machine into your family - only to create Many memories you will never forget!!!!!!!:)

Boy, did that feel good! :) First I hunted online for some designs for family and myself. As I was looking for the perfect one for me- I ran across a few for family -but that only took about 4 hours??? I was pooped! Amazing how tired you can get -just sitting on your bum??????

Then the war was on when I asked Mr. Brother to do any type of  actual work. Good thing I had on a test because it tried every trick in the book. I am beginning to think that it wins by wearing me out totally and then when I am exhausted and frazzled I can fall -betrayed by the simplier things? GRRR! It only thought that it was winning because when my deer hunting hubby returned home and found the misery - he had a good talking to that machine!

And , he did sit right by my side for the next hour -as his television heart-breakingly beckoned him to come back and keep it company too. OOO, how his heart ached to be with his first love -but he stayed , strengthened by the code of "FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE"! I thought I was the one that had experienced the bad through our many years - I guess fate has a way of slapping karma all over you in life.  Every stitch was a battle until he told it that he was going to take it out and give it a new home - with lots of fresh!

It even went as far as to let me test sew a brand new , fresh bobbin and on the test it worked like an angel - only to discover when I put the Real Project in the hoop that it liked WHITE Bobbin thread much better! But, with a few magic movements DH had it whipped into shape and off I rode on my charging white embroidery machine! And as a reward for all of my suffering -finally I actually got to finish ONE project -the first one in MANY HOURs! ISN'T LOVE A MANY SPENDID THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hoping that each of my blog family has had as wonderfully fascinating a day as I have today! May we all be challenged with new and beautiful thoughts of  "splendidouse" projects to make your hearts beat with excitement and JOY!

And while this adventure was going on I did take a break and manage to get all my out-door chores completed about 4;30pm and it was perfect timing because as I was walking back to the house the heavens opened up and the waters came pouring forth! YEA! See, I did do something right and can celebrate it! YeA! ;)
Love to All! :)


  1. Yaaa for hubby's who can fix things... and that evil damn machine should be kicked to the curb!!! Yes, I've had a lovely day!

  2. Pleased DH was able to fix that troublesome machine.
    Yes I had a lovely day,walk along the beach then a swim.Afterwards have sat inside stitching as it is HOT outside.

  3. Good luck with your project. It's a shame your machine is asking up!

  4. Oh my - I started to type a reply and somehow my screen flickered and my post got lost, lol. I hope it doesn't show up twice - apologies if it does! I have bad luck with machines too, and could never get an embroidery machine because I know it would stop working the second it got into my house - I'm the Typhoid Mary of sewing machines! I stick to my lovely 1953 Singer 201 (Bella) - she's a workhorse and even "I" can't ruin her, lol.

    You posted on my blog a few days ago about a pair of panties I sewed - you're on "No Reply" so I couldn't email you directly. You asked what the panties are for - they're a zipper bag! I make them for my lady friends for carrying small items in their purses - I think it's so funny to have lipstick or kleenex in a pair of panties, LOL! There's a link to the project on my blog sidebar if you want to try a pair, or you can email me!