Friday, November 19, 2010

HELLO ! Blog-family

You know my life seemed fairly normal as I went about normal activities. BUT!- just let me walk in the sewing room and ATTEMPT to run this Brother PE-700II embroidery machine and then Everything just goes down hill!

After yesterday's fiasco - I emeailed and they politely emailed me back shortly! That is one thing that I really like about this company - they take you seriously as a customer and I really appreciate that.

This is the reply :
I am guessing that you are referring to the design "Chihauhua" ID: BT3108. I have examined the file and have found that it doesn't contain enough underlay for use on knits. This design requires a very stable fabric, such as a sturdy canvas (not denim) or dense nylon (not sheer) to sew without resulting in gaps or other problems. Because it is design for a more stable fabric, and does not contain ample underlay, it requires a thick density for coverage, which would also be inappropriate for knits, causing excessive pull and possibly buckling the fabric. As well, it is achieved with a particular blend technique that requires setting down a stitch to the outside to eliminate sewing over jump stitches, which could be partial reason for some of the trouble during the sewing. For the best results of this design, it should not be sewn on knits or other vulnerable fabrics.

I would like to recommend that you try this design on a sturdy fabric and use it for items such as totes or nylon jackets. If knits or other unsturdy fabrics must be used, try a peel and stick backing with 1-2 layers of poly mesh backing, as well as 1-2 layers of a soluble topping.

If you continue to have trouble, we can offer an exchange of another design from the same vendor and of the same price, or we can give you a refund.

We apologize for any inconvenience and if you have any other questions or concerns, please email or feel free to call us.

I thought that was very nice of them. But, I want to put it on a tee shirt for me and almost all the fabric that I use is knit? So - I pouted for a few minutes and then I opened up Embird and they have a section in there that lets you change the sizes and I found one that I had seen before -it let me change the density of the stitches.

I decided that I would just check it out and see what happened? I put down plenty of stabilizer and sprayed it down - I did not want to risk the stabilizer that Nancy - Jane had sent me-that is too precious for a test?
Everything started out perfect and then halfway through it brought the wild creature out of it! After enough of my moaning and groaning DH came along and he fought with it for an hour.

So he had me changing everything on it and when I changed the thread and it took off running like a racehorse he gave me "that look" - I told you it was the thread the whole time. So, we took a break and had popcorn and he went to bed for his big day deer hunting with our son and daughter-in-law and I ventured into the sewing room?Yes, it did finish sewing what it was suppose to with that color. But, then it went back to its old tricks? I decided that it MIGHT have something to do with the thread - so I decided to "test a few colors" -believing IF I found some that really worked I would just sew with those threads.

Then it went back to being ugly -SO- I stuck the color in that worked like a charm - and it broke it -several times? I changed colors and it almost jerked it out of my hand? ggggrrrr! Then I took the hand wheel and turned it ever so slowly to start the stitching and after breaking once -then it went on and took off sewing -AGAIN!

So, that tells me that it is not the thread entirely? OK - new plan - each color I start I am starting by turning the handwheel  VERY slowly. I can feel the jerk but I give it slack and if It doesn't cut the thread right off -I am making some progress. Talk about patience?  And wearyness???

Well, kids I am bone tired and I have "bored" you to tears . Tomorrow will be a  new day , full of new adventures for all of us.

O, and I would not spin you a "yarn" like that and not have the proof to back it up. Here is proof!

On the right side is the one from last night and all those ruffles are the fabric buckled up -on the left - is the one I tackled tonight after I used Embird to cut the density of the stitches. How do you like that green nose ? That was what they suggested and I was tired so I gave in just to see what would happen . LOL

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