Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello blog family

I hoped to have some pictures of the new 'little guy" -but somehow I have lost where I put them. I think I am just so tired and my "marbles" are not acting right. It still seemed somewhat like a dream -until - we visited at the hospital tonight and I got to see my beloved son hold his child in his arms! It was priceless ! His Mom is doing good it seems and there is the possibility that they might get to come home tomorrow. He is still having mucus that he tries to cough up and you can hear him wheez and it scares me. It makes me so glad that I am not the "Mom" this time. All that hard work??? Just scares me to death. SOOO tiny and so innocent that you can almost see his "angel wings".

Meagan's Mom was sitting beside Meagan's little brother , who is 12 and he seems happy in his  new role as Uncle. So, she carried him over to me -what a thrill. :)

I won't be  blogging too much tonight . I am just so tired and our oldest son is coming hunting in the morning with his Dad.

I did go in the sewing room earlier this morning and " stuck my tongue out " at that mean ole machine! I am almost to the stage where it has me whipped and time is passing me by. There has to be some way to figure this out. Maybe tomorrow will bring a different light on the situation. ????

SO - love to each one and may this new week bring happiness. :)    


  1. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!!! That is so thrilling! How I agree with you...I would not want that responsibility of a little infant now. When I had mine I didn't think much of it. Now it all scares me. Even babysitting, I think of everything that could go wrong. Funny how that works.

  2. Awwwww, I just adore newborns.... and they don't scare me at all!
    As for that pesky machine, I'd do more than poke me tongue at it... I'd give it a swift kick!

  3. conratultions to all.
    It is a wonderful feeling seeing your of spring nursing their little one.
    Like you I am pleased not to be reponsible for the little ones future.

  4. Congrats...what a joyous event for you!

  5. Welcome to the world little fellow. A big congratz to the parents and grandparents too. How exciting for all of you. There's nothing as wonderous as new life.