Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Thrill that Nothing Can Compare To!

And that does not mean -getting a new machine! :)
I had a really nice morning -just taking my time tackling morning chores . I had a talk with that dumb machine and told it that I was not Even going to touch it - out of fear of making it mad. I decided to make it Jealous by checking out all different machines that sew a 5 x 7 design.Something has to give - you just cannot enjoy a machine that refuses to work for you - destroys the project that you work hard to get the fabric for -and then basically be told by a dealer that you are too stupid to operate one.So, pooy - I was just doing research and got a phone call!

My youngest son and his precious wife had gone into labor! I guess we gave them about an hour and we took off.Meagan had done a lot of the work at home by doing a lot of walking and helping the process along. Then I got the honor to stay and Meagan's Mama stayed and of course my son stayed and helped in any way he could. It took about 3 hours and I learned that you sure do feel helpless when you are watching a Mama work to bring a new baby into this world. No matter how bad you want to help - you just have to let them do ALL the work. But, it was an Amazing event and I felt so HONORED to be allowed to stay! I am still flying high! Poor little Meagan , I felt so sorry for her because I knew she was totally Exhausted and then she was covered in sweat -which her little Mom kept mopping up -then she started shivering from head to toe. The doctor was not sure she could finish a couple stitches that she needed to do. The doctor said that was still the adrenal pumping from working so hard. She had the entire bed doing a dance. Then the nurse gave Meagan a quickie bath and the other doctor gave the baby a quick check and the nurse was washing him off. He looked so tiny coming into this world at 6pounds and 11 ounces.

They swooped the baby off  because the cord was wrapped around his neck and he had used the bathroom and got some of it into his lungs. The doctor said that might be a good thing that the cord was there as it probably helped him not to breath so much of it in -so they were taking him to the nursery to check his lungs.

I am physically drained also - and Meagan was the one doing all the work. Boy, it brought the memories flooding back for the night that Emmett was born. ! Some memories are just too priceless - you could never put a price on them -no matter how much -or-how little money you have.

I really enjoyed spending time with Meagan's Mom too. IT seems that we both are shy and this helped us to get to know each other better - along with Meagan's two Grandmom's! LOL

I must say it is a priceless experience made even sweeter by the fact that you can treasure these moments and then come home to my "Fur-babies" , knowing that I will get to sleep all night and not have to be up ever hour ! Someone else is doing the hard parts and their names are Mom and Dad! :)

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you . Love to one and all.!


  1. Oh congrats! This is the sweetest post. Sometimes it helps to get our focus somewhere else and what a better place than a new baby. After you get some rest, you might go and try your machine again. You just never know. Sometimes when I walk away from things it helps. I loved this post. I could feel your love for all of them.

  2. How wonderful! I love being at the birth of my grandchildren too... I'm so glad you got to be there.
    I hope your new wee grandson is OK now after his 'wobbly' entry into the world?

  3. What an adventure you've had. It must have been wonderful to watch your grandson make his entrance to the world. Scary too I'll bet. I saw a video of my dear DIL having Kasey and it was nerve wracking.