Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sewing Mysteries

Bright and early this morning I readied my flannel and patterns and attempted to arrange some Order for the goal ahead. I started checking and comparing all of the lounge pants patterns and they all pretty much were the same , except for pockets and no pockets. I decided to take the Hopefully shorter way.:)

Since I knew that I did not have enough fabric -I started letting the old wheels of the brain turn-seeking inspiration. That was when I just cut one leg shorter than the other one .????? I know you all heard me banging my head against the table at that one -then the steam came next - and THEN- yes - THEN - the inspiration came.

Just because something goes awry does not mean that is a BAD thing! Yes, I figured it out -my sewing angel had different plans than I had -and sometimes I am just too stubborn to listen to her. WEEEEELLLLLL - you know how it is when you have a plan and Think you are right-you really do not want to sway-especially with time getting shorter?

So, that is how the major  part of my day has gone-me going three steps forward and two steps back and her forging ahead. I started cutting out my projects -checking to see how many I could redesign and which ones that I would just have to have some extra fabric to complete. I had checked online to see if JoAnn's still had their flannel on sale and I just could not find out. The ones that had prices were the online advertisements and I tried to call the store and the first time I got a recording  and I tried again and they hung upon me -saying - thank you for shopping ????

SO, DH offered to take me over there and I took him up on it. When we walked in -One of my dear friends was finishing up her shopping. I was thrilled to see her because it had been years-but I was not thrilled to see her -because of my missing front teeth-the one the dentist pulled and while he was pulling -he broke the one beside it?I am So ashamed to be seen. So, we parted ways because she had quiet a distant to travel back home.

I was left with sadness in my heart Because this friend had taught me a very valuable lesson about Christmas one year. We had even gone to the same church for a long time when we were young. We both married and started our lives. After a few years we both raised goats and got to visit back and forth taking care of them and learning how to take care of them. That was a lovely friendship because we would met at her house and then we would take her goats for a walk and just enjoy the beautiful pleasures of being outdoors and sharing love with the animals that shared our lives.That was so great.

Then we both ended up living in violence for a while and it was near that time frame that she had moved and invited me to come spend the day with her -at Christmas. We spent the day backing cookies and making canvas angels and just sharing a wonderful friendship . That one day of being creative and enjoying a friend left a permanent impression on my soul! In my eyes she gave of herself and her creativity and that has always been one of the Best Christmas presents I have ever received and I will never forget it-plus she shared the cookies that were her family recipe and she shared the little angels we made-it was a Magical day for me.

O! When she left -we went back and checked the flannels and they were no longer 1.29 - they were returned to the regular price of 5.99 a yard-Pooh! But I still had to have some , so I picked out two yards to see what I could do. I would never been able to afford the regular price on so many different designs at 5.99 a yard. .

Time is flying by . I spent the rest of the evening cutting and hoping . :) I still have a few more to go and I cannot find the men's lounge pants that I always use! They are not in the envelope that I always keep them in. Plus, I had 3 loads of laundry piled up on my bed and they have to go somewhere before I can even get in bed. Then I just realized that I should put a crock-pot of beans on to cook overnight-but the pot was dirty -so I am soaking the pot while I do this. Seems that my plate is Always too full ! Big hopes and dreams -but a tired can do spoiling the plan. :)

So, I will just send you my love and thank you so much.:)  


  1. Your post reads how I feel at present. Too much to do and not enough time.

  2. Time if flying by, and I don't think I will catch up.