Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Interesting Turn of Events?

I think we all know how this machine has been driving me crazy! What a relationship we have had. I researched and researched to decide which type of machine I would like according to my "Wish List". Then I saved and watched E-bay for almost a year -they were ALWAYS selling OUT of My REACH. So , close I could almost smell it.

But I knew it was meant to be because I wanted it to make customized items for my family and friends . Then Finally it happened. It worried me about learning something new ?? But it started to fall in place. I was making pretty items and then it seemed to fall apart. I could not seem to sew but just a few stitches -until it was breaking threads, continually and thus breaking my heart.

SO, I decided to try to take it to a dealer - thinking that they would be like doctors who only deal with one specific field and be more knowledgeable and competent. The one in our state was three hours away and that was a hardship considering the time and all the gas to get there.That cost me two months without a machine and I was going nuts!

I was beginning to wonder Why Christmas was so important to me? I think it has to do with the fact that my Mama took the time and effort to make me feel special on Christmas! She gave from her heart and her time and I can still carry that with me. So, in turn I have wanted to take the time to make others feel special  for the same reason -just to know that someone thinks of you - you are not forgotten and you are loved. This is something that you cannot buy , no matter how much money you have - or - do not have. Just like Jesus gave of himself for all of us too. I think it is the gift of love.

I have a friend who told me the other day that she has never figured out this thing called love? I always thought it meant to give freely of yourself -putting others first.But, love is also a mystery - for some of us it seems to flow and ebb like the currants of the ocean.  They may return your feelings for a while and seem to be consistent-but for others it is like a ride on a bucking bronco-where you don't know what the next move will be-but still, If that is the best they can give -how much more can you ask of them?

But , that dealer told me that the machine was fixed and that was what he had embroidered on the fabric in the hoop. I came home -almost frantic to try to compensate for the months gone - only to find it was still a mess.But, I fought the war of the machines, sometimes winning and most times losing -but too stubborn to give up and pack it in?

Then this year I have followed the same path -taking it one day at a time -until it would get so bad that you could only sew a few stitches without the breaking of threads . SO, this time I took it to a different dealer in a different state. Well, they were much more professional and had the machine ready in two weeks and I thought -wonderful - this will give me the time I need to finish my gifts?Only to find it was still breaking threads and tearing holes in the fabric of the projects???

SO, I took it back within a week's time -and was told there was NOTHING wrong with the machine - that I was not using stabilizer correctly.  The man was more stern this time when he said it was a Learning curve that I would just have to overcome?

SO, I REALLY tried to the best of my ability-I tried every way I knew and read about and was still losing the battle- starting to wonder If I should pack it in and quit-I just did not have what it took to do this craft I love so much?

You all know how the last couple of weeks that my DH had even taken time to sit with me and try different things - and he did prove how to fix the bobbin thread from showing -and that was progress for that problem! Yea!

Then it went to breaking threads every few stitches and eating holes in the project. This last week it has ruined every project I had cut out and attempted to complete - setting me back in my goals and starting a depression for me? How do you overcome something when you do not have the knowledge to do it yourself - and the people who are suppose to be knowledgeable in their field just can't figure it out?

Then yesterday when our oldest son came hunting with his Dad and he followed me into the sewing room during a lunch break . I showed him the disaster of the doggie  and he sat and watched as I did an example of how it still broke threads every few stitches. I told him that it was just not worth the effort -if you had to fight a machine that much. I gave up and he sat down and started to familiarize himself with the workings of the machine. He looked here and he poked there and he studied the thread as it moved and he tested all different threads and he started to make progress -a little?But, when I sat down by myself -it was a fight already.

So , I knew he was coming hunting this morning and I knew that he had to leave early to take his wife to have all of her top teeth pulled so I was not going to say anything -but his Dad must have because when they came in he made a bee line to the machine.I had downloaded a design that I wanted to use and had started a test on it (not dumb enough to waste another piece of good fabric!) The design had sewed just a little and then quit-so I switched to a different color and tried again and still it broke?

So, he took it apart one more time and he found a little Bur where the take up lever was rubbing the thread and that would fuzz it up until it would break. Then he told me to test all of my threads - because he believed that was it?  So, while he was gone I tested all of my threads and everytime I ran into trouble I would put that thread in a different bag. It turned out that Most of my browns ( colors I was using for animals) and a few of my greens were giving me grief.

Cory even went to Jo-Ann's Fabrics and picked up a spool of brown to test ? It was a Coats and Clark brand and it sewed like a champ. So, it is beginning to look like that has been the problem the entire time-Thread most of the time and occasionally a tension problem - not the fact that I am dumb as dirt! :) I do know I am not the brightest bulb in the pack - BUT- I did not think that you should HAVE to war with your machine ALL the time - IF so, then I think most embroiderers would just not have the time to sacrifice.

I am too pooped to tackle it tonight -but am hoping to clean up my mess of test projects all over the room and cut me out some more projects and I firmly believe that I will be on my way ONE MORE TIME!
So, if any of you know of others who have had so many problems with embroidery machines - tell them there is hope!

My love to all and may tomorrow bring us new Happy Adventures. :)


  1. Woohoo, looks like you're gonna be sewing up a storm now. Great news

  2. OH I do hope that the problem is finally found!!!

    I have problems with some threads too.. mostly the multi-coloured ones or metallic ones.