Thursday, November 18, 2010

O What an exciting morning this is!

I think you are know what a horrible time I have been having with my embroidery for a while now - since I got the newer machine -the Brother PE-700II - one disaster after another. So while my DH has got it back to working - a very dear friend-Nancy Jane from has sent me some stabilizer that I have never met before! It really has my curiosity perked. It makes me think of freezer paper because it has one slick side -but it also has one dull side?

I have followed her instructions about placing the slick side up in the hoop and scoring an X and then removing the top layer. That takes me down to a VERy sticky side which I now lay the fabric on top and smooth it out neatly. She had mentioned a Fix Stitch and I don't think my machine has that option or I cannot find it -it might be hiding right under my nose ?? But I took it to the sewing machine and sewed a basting stitch all the way around and now I am dieing to see what happens -But- on the other hand -I am scared this dumb machine will go nuts and make me waste her stabilizer - then I will be soooo mad at that machine !

So, I am just going to hold my breath and see what happens?????????????Wow- this is so exciting! It is turning out that this design is either Very very dense - or- this is the way my machine is interpreting the design because it started out great ( I almost fainted-if I had I would have missed out on some of the education) It just kept going and going and I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back it was still going . I could not believe it. But, I think that made it mad at me because when I sat down to study it - of course it broke the thread? You do know that offer still stands good to trade this machine for something like a Bernina???? LOL  It has broken the thread 3 more times - live and learn????

It has me worried because it does not look like the design that I selected??? I know, I know - just wait and see. It has to be that design because the one I wanted is in the little picture window.  :) O GOSH - yes - that is the design I picked , but where I had enlarged it -it looks huge compared to the little Deco that only does only the 4 x 4 designs! I would never believed how much larger that is???  I am still excited I can see the little face kinda coming to life! :)

O OOOOO - BALONEY STRINGS! I Hate this machine. It kept right on breaking threads and when it makes this slapping nose you know something is going to go wrong. This time when it broke the thread it is NOW hung -up in part of the thread path that I cannot reach?? Just like it has been doing  all along the way ever since I got it! I am beginning to think at these dealers they only pick one short design and of course they work on cottons - which are a whole different ballgame from Knits which would prefer to just go "hokey-pokey" when they feel like it??? GRRRR!

It has got to that point that it is breaking thread every ten or twelve stitches????? I have not changed anything since I started  - wonder what it thinks I did ??? I am seriously considering writing Brother -but I do not think they would care. I guess I will just see how it goes ?

O NO- the bobbin thread is out and every time I have to fill a bobbin - it is like a war. GRRR! Well! Bust my britches - it is going to work and not show bobbin thread! YEA! But - here is a problem - this is the back of the project and it is hard to see, but all those dark ridges are valleys and hills that are about half an inch tall . That is how dense the design is. I have a really BAD feeling about this one?

As you can see , there is such a build up of threads to designate colors and shades that it is so dense that it is cutting the stabilizer and in places - even the fabric . :(  I think anybody would feel disappointed )

This is the front view and you can see the ridges and valleys?

I was attempting to get a decent side view so you could see the hights and lowes of the puckered design.  It is unvelieveable too me.

Well, here is the final project and I am uphappy with it. By now it has holes in the fabric almost cutting the design out. Plus, I have wasted lots of good thread I could have used on something usable. Then add in the 5 hours I wasted -hoping somehow it would save itself???

I would like to make a note that the stabilizer was wonderful - it did it's job of holding the fabric where it was suppose to be - but the design just had too many layers on top of layers- and I do know that is to show all the colors and shades to bring out the life of the design. I had embroidered one more design that did this that came from Embroidery Library - it was a sheltie that I wanted to put on a tee shirt that DH could wear when we took the pups to the park and it did the same thing. I even wrote to them and asked for help. They told me that Some people want to spend hours and hours on projects just watching them come to life. Well, if you are like me -there just is not enough hours in a day to start with and who has time to do such a thing?

Well, it is almost dark - so I better hurry up out doors and do my chores. I hate I have lost my shirt I was hoping to have to wear - but you know how it can be?
Love to all and many happy adventures! :)

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  1. TAKE . THAT. GOD. DAMN. FRIGGIN. MACHINE. BACK!!!! And take that disasterous knit with the valley's and lumps too.. SHOW THEM what it is doing!
    You should also demand a replacement machine or a refund!!! Or.... failing that,threaten to throw it through their window!