Sunday, November 14, 2010

What A Shock!

Do you remember when Lynne(sewing teacher/mentor/friend)  took me to the Quilting Guild Meeting last month? We attended a dinner they had and looked at all the projects they had going on and the "Play-things" they did like taking donated ugly fabric and turning it into something else.

After we had left my mind toyed with the idea of joining . So, I looked up the information online and saw that the dues were 55.00 and I knew that was out of my reach right now. I even thought of how Lynne would have to do all the driving and all the wear and tear on her car-so I gave up on the idea and was grateful for a fun experience.

Then last week Lynne wrote and asked if I wanted to go with her again this month? I wrote her back and said I would love to , but I was afraid I would be getting her in trouble. I mean guest status could not last for long.:)

Then last night she replied and said ,"Merry Christmas!" I was stumped. I could not imagine for who the Early Christmas would be for -since - I was the only one I know that is working on Christmas Early. So, I read on and she said -Welcome - you are the newest member of the Roanoke Valley Sewing Guild! I almost passed out! She had paid all the fees for me! !!!! I almost cried -here she has opened the door to a Major Gift to me of teaching me to sew and working with me and haveing patience with me and just for that I knew I could Never repay her-then- she turns around and includes me with this. I have a feeling that there are several of you out there to know how much you get from your "Sewing Meetings" -no matter what they are called -because it comes from the heart. She did tell me that I had to make my own sewing name tag-"Stumped Again"! :)

To recover from my shock - I thought I would start out my morning just sewing tests to see IF I can over come my "Embroidery Machine Handicape"?

This is my first color thread and as you can see - the only color you can see is the white bobbin thread??

This is the second color and it does show a little of the dark blue top thread-but the white is showing like a frame.

This would be the third color and all you can see is the white bobbin thread , once again.

This would be the last color and still the bobbin is the only thread showing? By now though DH has come looking for me and he sat down in the other chair and was looking at it? First he took it apart to where he could get to the race and he took that out and cleaned it and reinstalled it. Then he took the bobbin out and studied it good. Then we did another test run and no better - The last time he studied how the bobbin thread came out of the bobbin case? I was doing the direction right -but it had to do with how I managed AFTER it came out of the bobbin case. He showed me to  keep a  little tension on the thread and also hold down in the bobbin? The next thing you know -the design was coming out like it should.

Now I was all ready to TRY my luck ? But DH happened to see where I had carried his "GAME EARS" that he uses for hunting -in here in the sewing room so I could see if there was any way I could fix them for him -since he had broke them last week?

As you can see , they operate kinda like a girls headband with the sound muffs attached to the end. His band had broken right in the center. We got lucky because we went to the thrift store and I found that white band-but with a bottom attachment different from the attachment of the muffs????  I fed the white band inside the camouflage tube and realized I would have to cut some of the white one off and asked if he could help with that. That was all it took and now he was the captain of this ship! LOL After the first cut he decided to take a rivet to bind the two bands together. I had thought of that ,but could not figure how to install the rivets in plastic without shattering the plastic. He asked IF I had a tiny drill bit and I wandered around in my brain for a few minutes trying to think where I had : "put it to be safe"???? I finally found it and he drilled a hole through both pieces of plastic and now trimmed off the excess white. We had to keep the dark band because it has a special attachment for the wire that held his Game Ears onto the band. After we did all of this studying and thinking and scratching OUR heads about it -he now had his set of game ears back in one piece -ready to go hunting tomorrow.

Just these few things seem to have taken most of the day. See , why I fuss about time just runs off and leaves you? I would Love to make me a new tee shirt to wear to the quilt meeting on Thursday and you know that is only a few brief seconds to me and it will be hear, ready or not? :)

Let's see, I have to check out designs? That always takes a while and then I will do a lot of :being fearful of this machine. After seeing it ruin two projects laying on the table -I am almost too scared to try again. But, I guess I have just enough stubborness to have to try one more time? :)

Well supper and chores got in the way-we will see how tomorrow goes.:::::

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  1. What a wonderful friend Lynne is and you must be a wonderful friend to her. Enjoy being a guild member.