Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hump day -down hill the rest of the week?

This was another day to Learn and one thing I told my DH was that I do not know what to think of all of "these sewing machine dealers" who tell you that they have to go school and keep up to date on all the technology . This morning I had got ready to sew about the time the kids and DH came in from hunting. Cory came and sat down with me to see  how it was going to go. I had cut out a shirt for his younger brother and it was all ready to "TEST". Plans did not go as planned?

Last night Cory had sewn out a perfect design -and this morning when I started it went to breaking threads again?But! When you have someone "riding shotgun" with you , it is not nearly as bad as suffering by yourself. It was back to the drawing board. He asked me how long it had been doing this crazy stuff and I said , ever since I received it?  I remembered because when we took it to the first Brother Dealer I had only had it for a month and I thought that might get some attention that a new machine like that was already causing problems. Then after two months I got it back and it was still the same old problems. I did wait almost a year before taking it back here lately and the same story.

I could not help but wonder if it did the dealer the same way it did Cory when he ran the first test on the first design and it worked like a charm. I told Cory that I thought the dealers only ran one design  and that sometimes in order for it to get mad at me -I might have to run two or three designs Before it would show its true colors! About the time I said that -it broke bad.That time it broke the needle to let us know it was paying attention to us, but not going to be a good little Brother!

Cory started taking it apart and studying it again. In two different places the thread actually rubs hard against two pieces of metal and sometimes it would make it go wobbly and peek out a small hole that is there to let you peek in to see IF the thread is in the take up lever. But the thread is not suppose to jump out of the hole towards you!

Then he removed a second piece of the top and he took my hemostats and reached down into the corner right at the top of the take up lever and he started pulling big long dirty pieces of thread that was wedged in there from being broke before. DH and I had never taken that part off -afraid we might break it ? It was a MESS! I remember having some of those threads from projects before I took it to the dealers - so they did not find that either? (so much for the theory that I was not using enough stabilizer!)

Then he studied the bobbin and the bobbin case and he read the manual and it plainly says in there to not use a bobbin case that is scratched or scared under any circumstances and he pulled it out and showed me some kind of scars -now why could the dealer not find that?

We copied down the part number and I am hoping to try to order it after Thanksgiving ?  He even had me reduce the amount of stabilizer from what the dealer had said and it sewed perfect until it goes wild and then Nothing seems to appease it!

But , the more that goes wrong with it - the more my Son learns -and he is one of those people who will not be outsmarted -at least not by a machine? :)

But, at least with Son riding shotgun I did manage to Almost finish another shirt.But tomorrow we are going to West Virginia to have Thanksgiving with DH's sister . So, I wanted to wish everyone in USA - a big Happy Thanksgiving" and to my other branch of my cyber world family - love to each and all of you. It's ok with me - if you want to have your thanksgiving anyway because you have so many things to be thankful for to. :)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Hope you have a nice time in WVa!
    Bless your son's heart for trying to figure out this continuing problem with your machine! Hope he figures it completely out!