Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Lounge Pants

A brand new Monday came visiting with me today-and I sure kept it quiet busy, knowing it was flying by. I fixed our oatmeal and toast. I am so pleased that after all these years that DH finally has taken to eat fresh bread that I make in the bread machine. I used to try as hard as I could to win him over -but the thing that made the difference was when he got his new electric slicer.(We wore one out and a friend right out the road from us gave us his and it looks like brand new! Yea! ) He is such a nice man and very talented too and he is the one that gave us Danny the lady turkey who is soooo full of herself. So , now that he can cut very thin slices -he has come to appreciate the fresh bread. He eats white and I eat whole wheat. I just finished with the corn bread to go with the beans and we will eat that in a little while.

Here is some of the lounge pants that I have cut out and put them each in a plastic bag so I will not lose any parts! I think the colors are so intriguing.

I was talking to my sewing angel -asking her to Please help me with my boo-boos-then I have started on the first pair of lounge pants. So far- so good! I have not sewed anything wrong so far and I have added a "cuff" to the legs to make them longer -from my boo-boo of not getting enough flannel to start with. When we checked it out yesterday -it was its regular price of 5.99 and it was hard for me to believe that the day before that we had actually got it for 1.29 -making it a real miracle in my eyes.

Here is another one of the pretty colors that will be for a granddaughter , since she likes pink and she loves monkeys. :)

OOOPSSS! I see the sky if looking angry - I better go run out in the front yard and pluck some more apples from my Granny Smith apple tree for my breakfast in the morning . They are almost gone and I have to use the apple picker to be able to reach the ones high up. :)

OK, Yummy they will be in my oatmeal in the morning all covered with cinnamon-have you ever heard that cinnamon is good for people with sugar? Well, its true and I like to use all the little tools I can to keep my sugar happy.

O NO-another boo-boo! When I was cutting out the pieces I thought it would be smart to mark on the front placement for the cord hole-but now that it is almost together - the markings do not agree with where it should be now -AND- I had used a red Permant marker? SHOOT!

So, I took a product called Resolve and squirted it down good and let it sit for 5 minutes and then I took a old toothbrush and some salt and scrubbed it good and it looked like it was more pale. Then I stuck it in the dryer to see what happens?

Well, I managed to dim it a little bit? Humm? IF only I had some blue paint.

I decided to use a different technique on the second pair . The first pair I had just cut out a cuff and sewed the one seam to join it and then sewed that circle to the bottom of the legs. This time I am cutting a cuff the same size as the leg bottom -sewing it to the leg and then sew them all together, like it is the one piece I was suppose to cut out in the beginning - instead of boo-boos! :)

This is after I sewed them on .

See , if I had any brains they would have been all one piece instead of looking like cuffs -but it is beginning to look like I do not always control what happens with my project - so I might as well learn to sit back and enjoy the ride! :) And see what happens?

Well, I have a little bit accomplished -I have 3 pair almost sewed together . I am hoping to do them kinda like production line work. I find that when I do that -as I go along I hopefully get a little better on each one. At least this time , so far I have not sewed the wrong pieces together !

After I get them sewed together - I know I always have trouble with the waist band and the cord? This time , too - I will not put pockets on them-just to see IF anybody even misses them???? :)

Love to one and all  and count my blessings that I am  not facing a Winter - storm like Micki and Joe are! The longer I can put that off - the happier I am! :)


  1. Just look at all those packets of neatly cut out flannel. After the huge tangle from the dryer I didn't think you'd ever get it sorted out. Well done. Three hours ironing was worth it.

  2. Well who's a busy bee then? You are doing well with those lounge pants... and the colours are lovely.
    Granny smith my favourite!
    On porridge.... hmmmm ain't tried that either.

    Re: your comment... ha! I have never had the flu! Lucky eh?