Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We got up early this morning for our two hour drive to go visit with DH's sister. ( I Hate long drives) They already had a feast on the table.We had a lovely visit and then DH was dragging me out the door so he could come home and hunt the deer. The man Lives to see deer season and he wants no intrusions. I cannot blame him - he has Always been this way.

 This was one of the decorations we saw over there. I thought for sure I had gotten a good picture of this turkey -but I did not-If we would have backed up just a tad so you could see his face??? But , you know how this "hindsight business" works. But it was made from a big bale of hay . I have seen the spider you can make -but I had never seen the turkey before and I think he is so cute.

On our way home I got car-sick. I do this fairly regularly since the car wreck and I was miserable for the two hour drive. I even stopped and got some dramine for motion sickness. While at that stop the cashier said you could hold your hand out the window and that would help it. So, I tried the hand first until it got cold and then the dramine. Nothing seemed to ease it up. We pulled off the road several times to let me walk around .

Finally we arrived home and the last few feet I motioned for DH to Hurry as I held a cloth over my mouth.I was out of the car fast as can be and I "let it fly" - every bite of her delicious meal-wasted! PHOOY!  It was so bad and so fast that I up-chucked all over my pretty white tennis shoe! UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still feel wosy , so I am going to make it short and sweet!
Love today and a wonderful tomorrow! :)

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